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Herbold and Gonzalez get an earful on proposed Employee Head Tax; West Seattle businesspeople unhappy about it

Thu, 04/2018

Seattle City Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and M. Lorena Gonzalez came to West Seattle on April 19 to discuss the proposed…


Bushwick Book Club Seattle heads to Ballard for next performance

Mon, 04/2018

By Lindsay Peyton

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle’s next stop will be in Ballard, bringing music inspired by…


New Nordic Museum holding grand opening celebration May 5-6 in Ballard

Wed, 04/2018

The new Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard will hold its grand opening May 5. Dedicated to collecting, preserving, and…



West Seattle pounds Chief Sealth in softball; Ballard rolls over Garfield
Lancers, Rams play to 2-2 tie; Sealth and Ballard battle on the diamond

Fri, 03/2018

Beavers chew up Seahawks