Gas spill at WS Golf course likely caused by vandalism in theft attempt

Sat, 01/2020

A gas storage tank at West Seattle Golf Course was likely vandalized in a theft attempt on Thursday night resulting in a fuel spill of between 250 and 300 gallons, authorities said. The gas soaked the soil near the storage tank site and made it's…


Community in Bloom fundraiser coming up for Westside Baby

Thu, 01/2020

Westside Baby is inviting the community to gather around tables with a common goal – ensuring children have their most basic needs met!

The event is set for March 22, 2020.

These tables can be hosted by YOU and will…


We love dogs, but we have leash laws for good reasons

Wed, 01/2020

If you use public parks in Seattle you have likely seen more than your fair share of dogs off leash as animals are taken out for exercise and so they can relieve themselves.

But leash laws exist for good reasons.



Bloodworks Northwest calls for needed donations

Mon, 01/2020

Empty Bowls benefit will fight hunger in Burien Jan. 31

Mon, 01/2020


Sunset of the week 1-13-20

Mon, 01/2020

Sunset of the week 1-6-20

Mon, 01/2020

Many take the Polar Plunge at Three Tree Point Jan. 1

Thu, 01/2020



Tue, 01/2020

West Seattle girls fight hard in knuckle biter
Mt. Rainier wins in waning moments

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