Two local filmmakers explore the heart of homelessness

Tue, 08/2018

By Patrick Robinson

Homelessness as an issue is political, emotional, personal, and tests faith, intellect, patience and budgets.

There are apparently as many ideas around solutions as there are people…

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Burien felon sentenced to prison for trading drugs and guns

Mon, 08/2018

 A Burien, Washington felon was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Seattle to seven years in prison and five years of supervised release for three drug and firearm related crimes, announced U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes. JERMAINE HICKLES…


The scoop on Walter's Cafe

Sun, 08/2018

The Scoop on Walter’s (Part One) 


When the “Notice to Terminate Tenancy” sign was posted at Walter’s Café on July 27, 2018 by Gibraltar LLC, the potential loss hit the Sunset Hill Community in Ballard like a…



Public help needed to identify attempted kidnapping/attempted sexual assault suspect

Tue, 08/2018

It's been 36 years; have you seen Ben Ridley?

Tue, 08/2018


Sportswatch: Sports events worth keeping an eye on

Sat, 08/2018

Hermsen takes helm for Evergreen football team

Thu, 08/2018

Sportswatch; Sports events worth keeping an eye on week of 8-13-18

Tue, 08/2018


Sunset of the week 8-20-18

Mon, 08/2018

Sub Pop Guitar gets SWSHS $2,225 from winning bidder

Thu, 08/2018

Sunset of the week 8-13-18

Tue, 08/2018

Police Blotter

Highline Crimes week of 8-13-18

Mon, 08/2018

Ballard Police Blotter week of 8-13-18

Mon, 08/2018

West Seattle Police Blotter week of 8-13-18

Mon, 08/2018


Romanesco — cauliflower from Mars?

Mon, 08/2018

Skål Beer Hall comes to Ballard this fall

Mon, 07/2018

Banh Mi varieties are the focus at new Oh's Sandwiches

Tue, 07/2018

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