West Seattle Herald

Parking lot negotiations take a turn; Future of Junction hangs in the balance

Wed, 04/2018

The West Seattle Trusteed Partners (WSTP), the group that controls the free parking lots in the junction voted on Monday…


UPDATE: Stolen tires, heroin and gun seized in White Center arrest; Man and woman now in custody

Mon, 04/2018

Information from the Seattle Police Department

UPDATE 4/13 12:45 pm- After the search warrant, detectives…


Chef profile: Case Justham, making the case for bold flavor at Brass Knuckle Bistro

Thu, 04/2018

Chef Case Justham simply prefers bold flavors.

“I always liked stronger, spicier, saltier stuff,” he said. “No…



Needles, graffiti, illegal dumping, Oh my!

Wed, 04/18/2018

West Seattle’s Jenni Watkins serves up coffee and community, with a smile

Wed, 04/18/2018


Duwamish Rowing Club wins big in Oregon rowing races

Wed, 04/2018

Tryouts for Highline Premier Soccer coming up soon

Sun, 04/2018

Foster shuts down Evergreen soccer

Sat, 04/2018