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Mark "Monk" Hubbard celebrated and remembered at the Delridge skatepark he built

Fri, 06/2018

West Seattle's Mark "Monk" Hubbard was remembered during a special skate day event at the Delridge Skatepark June 22. There were no formal proceedings, just a day to remember Hubbard whose influence in the world of skateboarding was felt…

Micah Shapiro, Grindline Skateparks lead designer was there to remember Mark "Monk" Hubbard…MORE

Unicorn Two bar coming to White Center; Massive carnival themed space will be colorful and quirky

Fri, 06/2018

White Center has never seen anything like this. The Unicorn Two is coming to town full of carnival colors and wild decoration thanks to artist and owner Adam Heimstadt. His existing carnival themed bars on Capitol Hill in Seattle Unicorn and…

This is destined to be the office door. Photo by Patrick Robinson MORE

West Seattle High School sees 307 students graduate; 29 honor students among them

Fri, 06/2018

West Seattle High School celebrated the graduation of 307 students at the Southwest Athletic Complex on June 21. 

The West Seattle High School Wildcat Band provided the music for the event. The Welcome was provided by Lillian Murphy. She…

A mom holds up an enlargement of her daughter's face. Photo by Patrick Robinson MORE


Lucky 5 store celebrates six years in business on 35th SW

Sat, 06/23/2018

White Center Refresh gets things cleaned and painted

Sat, 06/23/2018

Bears beat Baseball Beyond Borders

Fri, 06/22/2018


Bears beat Baseball Beyond Borders
Highline Bears drop three on the road

Wed, 06/2018

West Seattle football coach steps down

Mon, 06/2018