Wed, 07/20/05

City Councilmember Nick Licata says he is focusing his reelection campaign on public safety strategies to reduce crime on city streets by ramping up police visibility and increasing communications between law enforcement and citizens.



Wed, 07/20/05

As a young boy growing up in the Roxbury neighborhood, Mike Fann had the typical childhood adventures. But they don't compare to the adventures he's experienced during his 35 years with the Seattle Police Department.

And now that he's…MORE

Wed, 07/20/05

A group of 13 parents is requesting an investigation of "potential misappropriation of funds" during the last four years at Arbor Heights Elementary School.

They sent a letter to Superintendent Raj Manhas and the Seattle Public Schools…MORE


Thu, 07/14/05

When Brandie Ahlgren's interest in marketing research connected with her newfound love of dogs, she saw a business opportunity.

Ahlgren, a White Center resident, is founder, editor and publisher of a new quarterly publication called City…MORE


Thu, 07/14/05

It's not often that people talk openly about their passions; much less share them with complete strangers.


Thu, 07/14/05

City Council candidates Casey Corr was for three years a full-time assistant to Mayor Greg Nickels and admits he has to remind people he is his own man.

"I'm my own guy," said Corr in an interview last week. "I think I'm highly qualified…MORE

Thu, 07/14/05

A proposed new ferry route that would skip Fauntleroy and head straight downtown from Southworth could reduce traffic through West Seattle.

The new route is but one proposal in Washington State Ferries' 25-year plan for terminals and…MORE

Thu, 07/14/05

Although there was plenty of loud anti-monorail invective at the public hearing at West Seattle High School, the Seattle Monorail Board heard more encouragement than derision.

Thirty-four speakers urged the board to continue working on the…MORE

Thu, 07/14/05

In Loving Memory

Alfreida "Freida" Bancroft

November 17, 1941-June 21, 2005

Born in Galveston, Texas, Freida has been resident of West Seattle since 1974. She is survived by one daughter, three grandchildren, two sisters,…MORE

Thu, 07/14/05

A few twisted preditors able to ruin things for rest of us

By Kyra-lin Hom

I'm a young girl with time to kill over the summer. Seeing as I live in one of the fattest nations in the world, shouldn't my father be happy that I want to…MORE

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