April 2013

The Kenney seeking new sponsorship

In a press release from the interim management for the West Seattle retirement community The Kenney at 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW it was announced they are seeking new sponsors.

"The Kenney Retirement Community, located at 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, is in the process of seeking a new sponsor to assume operations of the retirement community. The Kenney board of directors has been interviewing non-profit, faith-based organizations who share a similar mission of serving seniors. Covenant Retirement Communities, Mennonite Services Northwest, Wesley Homes and a fourth yet to be named have indicated interest in the potential of a transaction to become sponsors and each is evaluating the feasibility to assume operations of The Kenney later this year.

In today’s changing health care environment, affiliation with other sponsors has proven to benefit senior living providers and the residents they serve. Benefits include group purchasing programs, efficiencies in staffing and systems, and the ability to provide a broader network of services.


Three pot dispensary break-ins in N. Seattle, including Ballard's Green Ambrosia

Police have reported a break-in of three different pot dispensaries in North Seattle, including Green Ambrosia in Ballard (see our profile of them here). Here is the report from the SPD Blotter blog:


Showing a blatant disregard for the sanctity of business hours, burglars broke into three different pot dispensaries in North Seattle earlier this week.

Police got their first report of an attempted dispensary burglary just before 3 am Sunday, after a witness called 911 after he spotted two men—holding what looked like crowbars—standing at the back door of a pot shop on NE 143rd and Greenwood Avenue.

When officers arrived, the suspects were gone and the business hadn’t been broken into. However, officers found pry marks around the dispensary’s back door.


Regarding breakup, owners of Lockspot and Nellie's have different accounts

Editor's note: this is an update to our preliminary April 29 article, "Nellie's Coffee and Toast closed, to be replaced."

There are differing accounts to the events leading up to the closure of Nellie's Coffee and Toast, which had occupied a small space on the outside of the Lockspot Cafe for three years.

On Monday, April 22, the owners of the Lockspot, Pam Hanson and P.K. Reilly, called Nellie's Coffee owners Todd McCallister and Jeanette Meade into a meeting to discuss the end of their three-year lease.

The Lockspot owners maintain that they and Nellie's owners had differences in the negotiation and that the split-up was more or less amicable. Hanson and Reilly said they were open to keeping Nellie's onboard and were surprised that the two decided to leave early, without warning. Hanson said they found out on Thursday, April 25 that Nellie's would be moved out by Sunday, April 28.


Pet of the Week: Bentley and Murphy are a perfect partnership

Joey McCune is a West Seattle Real Estate agent with RE/MAX in the junction and has two dogs, both Havanese but they are not just companions. Murphy, the younger dog, looks out for the older dog Bentley because Bentley suffers from severe seizures. McCune tells the story best herself.

She writes, "Bentley is 6. He has a severe case of epilepsy. His epileptic seizures are pretty intense. We decided to get a second dog friend to be with him, in case we were not present, as they started to occur more often.

Bentley gets a little car sick, so when i am working in West Seattle the dogs comes with me to work, but when I leave the area on longer drives, they stay home. I also work from a home office most of the time so they have constant company.

Murphy is our second Havanese. He is 2 1/2.

He and Bentley hit it off immediately and not only is he Bentley's best friend but he is his seizure alert buddy.

When Bentley has a seizure, Murphy barks and tries to help him.


Explorer West students win $1000 to donate to charity

Students from Explorer West Middle School in West Seattle won $1000 from the Washington Foundation for the Environment, which they will donate to charity, for their winning "Drastic Plastic" presentation at the 3rd Annual Great Environmental Issues Slam held at the flagship REI store on April 24.

EW students will vote on which non-profit receives their $1000 soon.

Here are the details from a proud Explorer West staff and community:

The Explorer West Middle School community congratulates the three groups of students chosen to represent Explorer West at Washington Foundation for the Environment's “3rd Annual Great Environmental Issues Slam” on Wednesday, April 24th at The Flagship REI Store. The 6 students (across three teams) had 5 minutes to present their issues to a packed room of audience members who voted at the end for their favorite. The other contestants were all talented, adult speakers from a range of non-profits.


Psychic View: Soul Mates

By Marjorie Young

The quest for a ‘soul mate’ can prove a driving force (or distraction) for many. Some believe without this almost mythical -- and frequently elusive -- ‘other half,’ our lives can neither be fulfilled or fulfilling. Clients frequently bring up the topic during psychic readings, often with a measure of frustration, demanding when he or she may be expected to make an appearance.

I think the concept itself may be misleading. Is there truly only ONE ‘destined’ for each of us? I’m hardly convinced (though some romantics may heatedly disagree). The world is filled with amazing individuals, and if we alter our path (where we live or work), we are not doomed to ‘miss out’ on encountering someone extraordinary.

Furthermore, true ‘soul mates’ may be cloaked in a variety of guises…including close friends, children, siblings -- certainly not confined to an amorous role. There are those who have enriched my life immeasurably, with whom I share a marvelous, moving kinship; not having them in my life would be unimaginable. Yet, romance plays no part in the matter.


West Seattle Community Orchestras Announces their 10th Anniversary Gala Celebration on May 14

Concert program will feature classical to contemporary works, including composers Beethoven, Berlioz, Schubert, Schifrin and more

WSCO press release

This concert marks the first time all three orchestras will perform in one program. WSCO will perform at Chief Sealth International High School Auditorium on Tuesday, May 14 at 6:30PM.

In addition WSCO reveals a rare and special treat performed by cello players in all three orchestra groups. Guest conductor Rob Duisberg leads this wonderful Cello Choir, performing Also sprach Zarathustra, R. Strauss, arranged by Flaherty and Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye and Halsey.

Admission is free and open to the public. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. All proceeds will benefit free membership for student musicians grades K-12.


Arbor Heights Elementary to implement "eSTEM" curriculum in coming years

Arbor Heights Elementary is making changes to their curriculum model that Principal Christy Collins said will be in full swing by the time their new school is built in 2016. The curriculum is called eSTEM, which stands for Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This will be the second elementary school in West Seattle (the first being K-5 STEM) to build a curriculum focused on giving students an early leap in technical fields.

Collins said eSTEM will provide, "clear pathways to STEM opportunities in middle school and high school." It will be interesting to see if more structured STEM pathways do indeed emerge in middle and high school settings.

Here is the letter from Collins to the parents and students of Arbor Heights Elementary explaining the new model:

"Dear Arbor Heights’ Families,


Health providers at a loss as developers kick them out of building

When small business tenants moved into the old Tallman Medical building at 5434 Tallman Ave, they probably had little idea that they would eventually become victims of a heavy-handed developer's deal.

On April 1, the building was sold for $8.75 million to BT Noble LLC, who then immediately flipped it for $12.705 million to EQR Tallman LLC, according to the King County Assessor. The building, according to the Land Use Information Bulletin, will be demolished to make way for two new seven-story towers with 17 live-work units and 286 residential units called the Ballard Tallman Apartments. It's a plan that has been going through the Department of Planning and Development's permitting process since April of 2011.

So far, calls to developers have not been returned.