January 2017

Port of Seattle will hold another open house regarding its 3,000 tree-cutting project

By Gwen Davis

Worried about the future of nearly 3,000 trees in SeaTac and surrounding areas? On Feb. 1, the Port of Seattle will hold another open house to discuss their tree-cutting plans, known as the “Airport Flight Corridor Safety Program”. 

The community has anxiously been hearing about the Port’s tree-cutting project over the past several months. In late 2016, the Port Commission voted to modify the first phase of the project after listening to concerns from the public. This open house will provide another opportunity for the community to be updated on the current work being done.

Already, the Port has started removing trees on Port property on the airfield’s west-side, with promises to plant low-growing trees and shrubs in the coming months. 

The open house will take place:
Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017, 6 to 8 p.m. 
Location: SeaTac Community Center, 13735 24th Ave. S., SeaTac, WA.


2000 jam SeaTac Airport in protest of Trump immigration ban

An estimated 2000 people showed up at SeaTac Airport Saturday night to protest the detention or sending back of immigrants due to President Trump's executive order that barred entry for four months of people from seven nations.

Demonstrations also took place at airports in New Jersey, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, and Dallas.

More protests are scheduled Sunday in Orlando, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington, and Chicago, primarily at airports.


Pat's View: “It’ s the Law”

As I was driving 20 miles above the speed limit in the wrong direction down a one-way street the other day, I realized something: The mandatory seat belt in this state has been around for more than 15 years now. So by now it’ s a lame excuse to tell a cop, “Gee, officer. I didn’ t know.

”The seat belt law was designed to protect people from themselves. Meanwhile there is no mandatory pants belt law---that would also protect people from themselves.

In the case of the seat belt law, people get protected from injury or worse in an auto accident. A pants belt law would protect people from embarrassment or worse---in a dancing accident.

The road signs that used to read: “Seat Belts Must Be Worn”---were replaced a few years ago because people thought it meant that only used and beat-up seat belts could be used.


Amanda's View: Unrepresented atheist

By Amanda Knox
This first week under the new administration disheartened me in many ways. Already, President Trump has taken executive action to suppress the reality of climate change, to interfere with women’s access to reproductive healthcare, to refuse immigrants and refugees from entering the country on the basis of their religion, and to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, among other things. But even on the day of the inauguration, before any of these unwelcome measures were signed into existence, I was reminded of the disheartening reality that someone like me will likely never hold the office of presidency—not from my generation, at least. What disqualifies me, or someone like me, is not the fact that I’m a woman. To our country’s credit, I think the U.S. is ready and willing for our first Madame President. No. What disqualifies me, or someone like me, is the fact that I’m atheist. I don’t believe in God.


King County Council issues statement condemning Trump's immigration order

information from King County Council

Six members of the King County Council are releasing the following joint statement regarding the President’s unlawful Executive Actions on immigration. Those voting in support of the measure were Council Chair Joe McDermott and Councilmembers Dave Upthegrove, Claudia Balducci, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Larry Gossett, and Rod Dembowski.

“The First Amendment is perfectly clear—the United States is a country that values freedom of religion,” said proponents of the motion. “King County is home to nearly 450,000 foreign-born residents. These are friends, neighbors, and coworkers who enrich our communities and lives every day.”

“The President’s actions are unlawful, discriminatory, and seek to undermine the core, shared values of all Americans. We will continue to fight until our nation’s leader agrees to restore the right to Due Process and Equal Protection enshrined in the Constitution.”


Des Moines Councilman Kaplan calls it quits

After 20 years of community service

Dear Friends, Family, Supporters, and Residents of
Des Moines,

After sixteen years in local elective office, and
twenty straight years of working on city-related issues, I’ve decided that this
will be my last year to serve as a Councilmember here in Des

For twenty years, together with fellow city
Councilmembers and dedicated citizens of Des Moines, we’ve made tremendous
progress building and growing an economic/business base in Des Moines, assured
that crucial City services could be sustained into the foreseeable future;
adopted financially sustainable budgeting that didn’t rely on sales tax
equalization money from the state; and maintained a safe, livable community for
everyone to enjoy.
If we continue to do the
things we’ve been doing, Des Moines’ future is exceedingly

I’m humbled by the support you’ve given me over the
years, and the kind words shared with me both publicly and privately. My fellow Councilmembers continue to work diligently for what’s best for
the city of Des Moines as a whole and share our love for our
community. When you get


Half a million dollars in jewels stolen in SeaTac; Robbers arrested

information from King County Sheriff

Just after 6pm deputies responded to a robbery of a citizen at the Sleep Inn Motel in the 20400 block of International Blvd. The victim, a jewelry courier, was walking to his room when he was approached and physically assaulted by three men wearing masks. The suspects took the victim’s bag containing nearly $500,000 in jewelry.

The suspects slashed a tire on the victim’s vehicle then fled the scene in a vehicle.

About 2 hours later a Washington State Patrol trooper spotted the suspect vehicle at an Arco gas station in Chehalis. The three suspects were arrested and transported to King County where they will be booked for robbery. A search warrant will be obtained tomorrow to search for and recover the jewelry that is believed to be in the suspect vehicle.


West Seattle Garden Tour seeking submissions from artists: $500 cash prize

The West Seattle Garden Tour, the area's premier look at some of the finest gardens in the entire Northwest is slated for June 25, 2017 and they are seeking artist submissions for use on their poster and other marketing materials.

Since 1995, the West Seattle Garden Tour has been inviting you to visit some of the most beautiful and unique gardens right in our own backyard. The all volunteer organization donates the net proceeds, about $25,000 each year, to other non-profits whose goals fit their mission—to promote horticultural-based interests, education, and artistic endeavors.

Winning and honorable mention artworks will be featured during the May and June 2017 West Seattle Art Walks. The winning artist also receives a $500 cash award.

Details for the 2017 art competition can be found by downloading the Art Entry Form (PDF). Submissions will be accepted February 10, 11, and 12, 2017.


West Seattle Timebank teams up with Office Junction for Neighbor Day

information from West Seattle Timebank

The West Seattle Timebank will be participating in Seattle's Neighbor Day at the West Seattle Office Junction. All are welcome to attend. We'll also be sponsoring a kid's table to allow families to come.

In the spirit of Neighbor Day, which celebrates the goodness in our communities, we are inviting both neighbors, small business, and community groups to gather, have a cup of coffee, and see what good is out there. This is a drop-in event.

Information is below on how to participate as a community group or small business. #neighborday

Sat. February 11, 2017

6040 Calif. Ave SW , Seattle, WA 98135

10:00am – 2:00pm


On the Go Week of 1-30-17

Sweet, Sweet Music
Fauntleroy Church 9140 California Ave. S.W.

Friday, Feb. 10, 7:30 - 9:30 pm. - A wide variety of local talent will warm this winter evening for all ages. $10 adult admission at the door (kids free) includes beverage and dessert. Fellowship Hall.

Bystander Intervention
Fauntleroy Church 9140 California Ave. SW

Thursday, Feb. 23, 6:30 - 8 pm. - Learn practical, safe alternatives to doing nothing when witnessing bullying or harassment. Free in Fellowship Hall.


Join ELVIS for dinner and music at The Kenney on Saturday, February 11th from 6:00 - 9:00 pm.

7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle.
Tickets: $45.00 per person before 2/1/17. $60.00 per person after 2/1/17. Registration deadline: February 9. All proceeds benefit The Kenney Foundation. For more info or to register, call 206-937-2800. Ask for Ellen.

Discovery Shop
4535 California Ave. S.W.