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Mon, 12/16/13

Deadline for receiving items for Community Calendar is 5 p.m. Wednesday for the following week’s Times/News. Events are published based on timeliness and space availability. Email submissions to: calendar@robinsonnews.comItems can be accepted…MORE

Mon, 12/09/13

By Scott Anthony

Remember when you were a kid and you wrote letters to St. Nick, ticking off the toys, the dolls, the bicycles that you desperately wanted in the days before the Jolly Elf made his annual appearance?

I could try to…MORE

Tue, 11/26/13

It does not seem so long ago that I left my job as a test electrician at Boeing (they went on strike) in 1946. Curly Witherbee, shop foreman, said we'd be back in three weeks. Six months later they were still "out" and I needed work for my…MORE

Tue, 11/19/13

Cold winters seemed to be more common in the 50's, where we raised our kids in McMicken Heights. Icy mornings never kept me from hunting Geese near the shallow depression of Bow Lake behind the SeaTac Office Towers on Hiway 99. I recall ice…MORE

Tue, 11/19/13

By Scott Anthony

Trying to keep up with our resolution to walk more, last Saturday we loaded up the dogs,Yogi and Zuzu and headed for the nearby woods. In the truck, Mrs. Anthony was more silent than usual, staring out her window. It was…MORE

Mon, 11/11/13

By Scott Anthony

It was a typical groggy morning as I shuffled into the kitchen to grind the coffee and pour the water into the machine. I hit the ‘on’ switch, then went to the front door and groped around in the half-dark to look for the…MORE

Thu, 10/25/12

In her first book, "Always a Rebel and Never Without a Cause", Burien's iconic long-time resident, Georgette Vikingstad Valle, takes us back to the days of the Vikings, and through her political life.

"That book was about my life…MORE

Tue, 07/24/12

Pat Cashman, well known Seattle personality, writer, comic actor and more, knew J.P. Patches as a personal friend and wanted to share his thoughts about him.

by Pat Cashman

For some of us---after we’ve shuffled off this mortal…MORE

Thu, 05/31/12

Bill Cullins is the first one to tell you he's tried many careers. "My very first job was washing dishes when I was 14 years old," he said. He's mowed lawns, worked for JC Penney and then went to school to become a hairdresser at the age of 18.…MORE

Thu, 04/12/12

The sunset on Thursday April 12 was rich and warm and was appreciated by people at Seahurst Park in Burien, one of whom Teddy Embaye was there with his 2 year old nephew and taking pictures with his iPhone.

We went down to the beach to…MORE

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