Tue, 02/20/07

In the Morgan Junction, loyal customers came together generously offering up generators to keep the doors open during recent wind storms. Friends gathered on communal couches in the English-style setting and toasted pints to the new year. Stories…MORE


Tue, 02/13/07

"Immigrants," a new exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum features the art of 80 graphic workshop artists from the island of Funen in Denmark.

The artists use woodcut, Intaglio methods and lithography to illustrate the theme of immigration…MORE

Tue, 02/06/07

Some of the best hikes around West Seattle are the various byways you can take down to the beach, and then back up. If, that is, you have any mojo left. Most of the time my mojo is gone after hiking down to the beach, especially if I have…MORE

Tue, 01/30/07

Natural Home magazine has name Ballard to its top 10 list of America's Best Eco-Neighborhoods.

Ballard was tenth on the list and was chosen as one of the top urban neighborhoods encouraging a healthy eco-conscious life with community…MORE

Thu, 01/25/07

Scan the walls of many West Seattle venues - restaurants, coffee shops, shoe stores and more - and you'll find that, more and more, art abounds in our eclectic little neighborhood.


Thu, 01/25/07

Editor's Note. Lori Hinton has written this column for over three years and once in a while it is a good idea to take a breath and look back at the long view. Here is a checklist of 101 Things to Do from her now famous West Seattle Herald column…MORE

Wed, 01/24/07

Two drops at a time, Rotary International has been providing polio vaccine to children in Ethiopia and other countries through its PolioPlus program.

In October, Ballard Rotary member Lori Knuckey and her son Alex joined a group of…MORE

Tue, 01/23/07

It looked like a war zone. There was devastation everywhere. Yellow crime scene tape cordoned off the worst areas, areas that could still be dangerous to enter. Bypassing those spots I waded on through a sea of broken and severed limbs. It was a…MORE

Tue, 01/23/07

It isn't that Harold Crick doesn't care, he just doesn't know how to. The blandest of accounting wonks, Harold understands numbers not people and his self-awareness of this essential character flaw causes a slight stab of pain that is as close to…MORE

Thu, 01/18/07

Directed by Nick Cassavetes

Rated: R

(three stars)

Coming of age stories are typically an exercise in sentimentality. They offer an airbrushed view of the first fumbling act of liberation into adulthood.


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