Tue, 08/08/06

When Jan and Steve Halbakken got married, instead the traditional bridal registry, the couple asked friends and family for monetary donations to fill the wading pool at Soundview Park with water.

Over $4,000 was raised and the money helped…MORE


Tue, 08/08/06

For Ballard resident Lynn Tissell, celebrating her 45th birthday involved more work than play. Her present to herself was climbing to the top of 14,410 foot Mt. Rainier on July 14.

The climb had been on her mind for 12 years. "I had been…MORE

Tue, 08/08/06

Lori Hinton is on assignment


Tue, 08/08/06

Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) opens the mailbox of his newly purchased lake house and discovers a note from the last tenant with instructions on forwarding her mail.


Thu, 08/03/06

The neighborhood's biggest party of the year took place last weekend as the 32nd Annual Ballard SeafoodFest brought thousands of people to the area for two days of sun and fun.

With entertainment on two stages, a variety of seafood and…MORE

Tue, 08/01/06

Even though he's been selling automobiles for nearly 60 years, Bob Ochsner still stops in midsentence at the sight of a pretty car.

"Isn't that a beautiful color?" Ochsner, 85, said admiringly of a sparkling, burnt-red vehicle waiting at a…MORE

Wed, 07/26/06

Ballard High School students have the talent to produce videos and they are receiving the recognition for the quality of their work.

Three video productions by Ballard students won awards in the 30th Annual Young People’s Film and Video…MORE

Tue, 07/25/06

Ready for some rock with a side 'o fries?

No longer do you have to hop in the car for late night drives to see live music in Ballard, Belltown or Capitol Hill (and we thought life for Westside music fans was getting' good with the…MORE

Tue, 07/18/06

Ballardite Brian Wynne knows how fragile a community can be. Having been at law school in Tulane University in New Orleans last year when Hurricane Katrina touched land, he's seen first hand a community dissolve.

"That whole thing with…MORE

Tue, 07/18/06

Ballard High School Librarian Susan Weiss has retired after 39 years in the educational field. Weiss graduated from Ballard in 1963 and returned to her old school in 1988.

Under her leadership the John Stanford Library made big changes to…MORE

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