April 2015

The Psychic View– Who Are We?

By Marjorie Young

A fascinating story was widely reported of late concerning a young boy named Ryan, who had actively insisted that he used to be ‘someone else.’ Naturally, his Mom chalked this up to childish fantasy. Yet, Ryan persisted, readily coming up with vivid if outlandish details of his former life. His previous ‘incarnation’ had been male, married five times, danced on Broadway, lived in Paris, and was also an actor in Hollywood. Ryan even knew the street name where his former residence was located.


Georgie's View: Who does the Earth Really Belong to?

by Georgie Bright Kunkel
If everyone whose family came to this country from somewhere else left, there would be nobody here. Even the so-called native Americans came to this country from another place on earth. Who does the earth belong to anyway? It is too bad that we didn’t believe like the Native Americans that we were just using the land. But even the early tribal settlers competed with other tribes for the right to inhabit certain areas of land.

Since the beginning of time there has been competition for the use of the earth. More aggressive humans have not been satisfied with the land they originally settled on but they had to fight other humans in order to expand their territory.


SLIDESHOW: White Center Heights kids get large scale show and tell

For the 2nd year in a row the King County Sheriff's Guardian One helicopter, Highline Fire District Engine 18, King County Sheriff patrol car, and American Medical Response ambulance personnel paid a visit to White Center Heights Elementary School for a large scale Show and Tell. This is an education module on community helpers.

Approximately 100 students from Kindergarten through 1st grade were excited to have see in person the helicopter, fire engine, police car and ambulance.

The kids were told what the officers, firefighters and Emergency Medical Tech's do on the job and could come up and see the gear.

About the Guardian One
The King County Sheriff’s Air Support Unit is the only full-time rotary-wing law enforcement aviation unit in Washington State.

The Air Support Unit operates six days per week. The King County Sheriff operates one Bell 206B3 helicopter and other aircraft.


Seattle Christian two-times Vashon Island

Courtesy article by Gerardo Bolong

Seattle Christian remained unbeaten (5-0) in Nisqually 1A League softball and moved to 10-1 overall with a doubleheader sweep at Vashon Island on Mon., April 27, to stay on top of the league standings by two games with a Fri., May 1, home encounter with second place Bellevue Christian next on the schedule.

On a warm weather day, the Warriors utilized dominating mound performances along with their steady batting performances to soundly thwack the Pirates.

In the first game, Seattle Christian jumped to the front quickly and decisively by combining hits and good base running for a three-spot first inning.

Continuing their hitting prowess, the Warriors kept placing runners on the bags en route to another trio of runs in the second inning.

Although the first two innings were productive, the third inning sealed the deal. Using a plethora of hits, Seattle Christian poured it on for six-runs and a 12-0 lead that eventually created a 12-0 win in four innings.


Sports Roundup for 4-28-15

Monday, April 27

Kennedy 13, Renton 3
The Lancers rallied to 10-run the Indians on Monday.
Mt. Rainier 7, Federal Way 6
Mount Rainier edged out the Eagles in Monday action.
Vashon 7, SCS 3
Seattle Christian took a loss on its trip to Vashon Island on Monday.
Lindbergh 12, Evergreen 0
Evergreen was blanked by Lindbergh in Monday's game.
Hazen 10, Foster 4
Hazen's Highlanders handed the Bulldogs a loss Monday.

West Seattle 12, Seattle Prep 2
West Seattle hammered yet another opponent Monday.
Kennedy 18, Renton 0
Kennedy continued its cruise through the Seamount League with Monday's lopsided win.
Lindbergh 7, Evergreen 4
The Wolverines lost a close one to Lindbergh on Monday.

Kennedy 6, Renton 1
The Lancers remained undefeated in the Seamount League with Monday's victory.
Highline 4, Tyee 3
Highline topped the Totems in Monday action.
Lindbergh 6, Evergreen 1
Evergreen fell to Lindbergh on Monday.
Mt. Rainier 3, Kent-Meridian 2
The Rams rallied for a victory Monday.


Sportswatch for the week of April 29-May 5

Sports events worth keeping an eye on

For the week of April 29-May 5

By Tim Clinton

High schools

West Seatle hosts Seatttle Prep for a 3:30 p.m. game at Hiawatha on Wednesday as Chief Sealth travels to Rainier Beach to play Cleveland.
Evergreen is at Foster at the same time as Kennedy hosts Lindbergh and Tyee travels to Renton.
Seattle Lutheran entertains Evergreen Lutheran at 6:30 p.m. at the Southwest Athletic Complex and Highline hosts Hazen at 7 p.m.
Highline turns around to visit Evergreen at 3:30 p.m. Friday as Kennedy travels to Tyee and Foster to Lindbergh. Seattle Christian hosts Bellevue Christian and Seattle Lutheran visits Quilcene at 4 p.m.
Monday at 3:30 p.m. Kennedy is at Evergreen, Renton at Foster, Tyee at Hazen and Seattle Lutheran at Muckleshoot Tribal School. SCS visits Cascade Christian at 4 p.m. and Highline entertains Lindbergh at 7 p.m.

Evergreen goes to Foster for 3:30 .m. action Wednesday as Kennedy hosts Lindbergh and Tyee visits Renton.


SLIDESHOW: Kennedy Catholic sticks win against Southwest in girls lacrosse

By Ed Shepherd

Not sanctioned at the WIAA level as a season sport, but popular among high school kids, nonetheless, is lacrosse. Boys and girls teams are littering our area and are all over the state. They include Bellevue, Kent, Tacoma, Burien, Thomas Jefferson and Seattle, even Silverdale and over the mountains, in Wenatchee, too, in the 33-team club girls league. "Lacrosse is a lot of fun," said Kennedy Catholic coach Natalie Merrill, who is in her first year coaching the Lancers along with her assistant, Ashton Woodcock. But Merrill has auspicious roots for the sport.

"I started the high school lacrosse team at Kennedy when I was a sophomore in 2008," said Merrill, who graduated as a Lancer two years later. But she didn't graduate in 2010 until she led the entire WGLA (Washington Girls Lacrosse Association) in scoring and was the MVP. Now, having just gone to Washington State University for four years, playing college level lacrosse there, getting a B.A. in psychology, graduating in 2014, she is back from the Palouse, coaching the sport she loves and founded for the Lancers.


Deja vu?

By Kyra-lin Hom

Surveys indicate that nearly two-thirds of all adults have experienced at least one instance of deja vu in their lives. It's most common in teens but can occur as young as eight and tapers off once someone reaches 25. But for all its commonality, scientists still don't know why it happens.

Translated from its original french, deja vu means “already seen.” It's that creepy feeling you get that whatever you're experiencing for the first time at that very moment is something that has happened to you before. Though similar to a situation 'feeling familiar,' the expressions are usually used differently. Something that is familiar reminds you of a known previous experience. Deja vu generally has eerier connotations such as walking into a brand new, just constructed house and yet suddenly feeling as if you've been there before.


You Are What You Eat: Rhubarb pie

By Katy Wilkens, MS, RD
Nutrition and fitness manager, Northwest Kidney Centers

What plant has leaves as big as elephant ears and ruby red stems that are sour beyond belief? Rhubarb! Despite its poisonous leaves, rhubarb has the nickname “pie plant.” Find rhubarb at your neighborhood farmers’ market or grocery. The color of the rhubarb stalk may vary from deep red to speckled pink to pale green, but all the stalks are good to eat.

Cook the stalks in a variety of ways. Stewed, they yield a tart sauce that can be eaten like applesauce, served over ice cream or used as filling for pies, crisps or tarts. If rhubarb is a new food to you, try mixing it with strawberries or apples. Rhubarb is good flavored with grated orange peel, ginger or cinnamon. It makes excellent jam. If you are cooking for one or two people and end up with leftover rhubarb, you can freeze or can it.

Rhubarb crisp

1 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup oatmeal
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
4 cups chopped rhubarb
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup water
3 tablespoons cornstarch