February 2019

Police seize meth and heroin after pulling over stolen car

Information from the Seattle Police Blotter

Police arrested two men and recovered a plethora of prohibited substances after officers spotted a stolen car driving in Georgetown early this morning.

Around 1:20 AM, officers noticed a reported stolen 2012 red Volkswagen Golf driving near 13th Avenue South and South Bailey Street. They followed the car to Interstate 5 and Edgar Martinez Drive South and pulled the vehicle over.


Howard and Me

By Jean Godden

I got to know Howard Schultz -- on a professional level -- decades ago.

As most Seattleites know, Schultz arrived here in 1981 and went to work for Starbucks, then a modest purveyor of quality coffee beans. After disagreeing with Starbucks founders over whether to open espresso bars, he resigned. Later Schultz rounded up investors and in 1987 bought Starbucks, keeping the name and the mermaid. The rest is a Horatio Alger story.


At large in Ballard

By Peggy Sturdivant

Dear Gerry Hansen,

This is a fan letter, a farewell letter, a love letter to a woman who was born in Ballard and plans to die in Ballard, in her home, the same way that she was born. (Although not on the kitchen floor.)

My friend Gerry began saving her babysitting money when it was encouraged by her homeroom teacher at Ballard High School back in the 40s. She never stopped saving money and was able to buy a home in Ballard as a single woman in 1969, and own it to this day.


Sound Foundations launches Go Fund Me campaign for Camp Second Chance

$60,000 would build 19 tiny houses for the homeless

By Tomasz Biernacki

Being homeless is a miserable experience that most people, thankfully, never have to endure. For the percentage of our population that isn’t so fortunate, the outlook is dismal. There are currently more than 12,000 people experiencing homelessness in the Seattle region. Over half of them live in cars or tents, on park benches, in greenbelts, or on the sidewalk: seeking shelter wherever they can.