October 2019

Maybelle Helen Wagner

Maybelle Helen Wagner passed away at her West Seattle home September 10, 2019. Maybelle was born to Scottish immigrant parents on January 12, 1917 in Miles City, MT. Maybelle and Joseph D. (J.D.) Wagner moved to Seattle in 1956, where they made their home in West Seattle, and where she lived until her passing. J.D. preceded her in death in 1986. She served as a nurse at West Seattle General Hospital and furthered her studies through the University of Washington in order to work with cancer patients at Harborview Medical Center. She will be forever remembered and deeply missed.

LETTER: Be respectful!

To The Editor

When I drove through this (Seahurst) neighborhood yesterday and witnessed the Block Watch Captain of this community with his dog relieving it's self on the neighbor's property with the signs, and a property owner being f-bombed to death by a neighbor caught trespassing; I thought this letter warranted a larger audience. I do not know what has happened to this community. The Block Watch Captain is suppose to set an example for the other residents, when he can't be respectful of other people's property then we have a serious problem. Residents DO NOT deserve a tirade of filth from other neighbors who are willingly committing trespass on private property, a property with visible signs and surveillance cameras. The woman who lives at this property has serious health issues and was in tears.