January 2020

Aegis Living in West Seattle to host event

Aegis gathering

4700 Admiral Way, Seattle, Wa.
United States


Aegis Living has scheduled a seminar featuring aging expert and author Joy Loverde titled

"Helping Older Parents When They Refuse  Help". The event is slated  for Thursday,  January 23, 2020 at Aegis Living, West Seattle 4700 Admiral Way from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Appetizers will be served. Kindly RSVP as space is limited. Call 425-882-1810 or email RSVP@aegisliving.com 

Empty Bowls benefit will fight hunger in Burien Jan. 31

Join us for a meal and help fight hunger in our community on Jan. 31.

Lunch served 11 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
Dinner served 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Burien Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services

14700 6th Ave SW, Burien, Washington 98166

Empty Bowls events can be found around the country raising money to combat hunger in our communities. Moshier Art Center Potters have donated bowls to be filled with soup at this fun event... all are invited! Your donation will get you the opportunity to pick out a beautiful handmade bowl, as well as a simple but wonderful meal of soup, bread, dessert and drink; donated by local businesses.

Minimum Donation: $20 Adults / $10 Children


Just say no to the dress

By Jean Godden

Forgive me but I'm about to go old-lady and say that I am embarrassed over some of the women entertainers appearing at awards shows like the Golden Globes. A number of them opted to wear outrageous and over-revealing outfits, outlandish creations that, nevertheless, are priced up there with a week on the Riviera.

Oh, yes, I know these are professionals who make their living in show business. They are stars who have to keep being talked about, even if the talk isn't more than a "shame on you." But the sight of so much over-exposed flesh is still jarring.

While watching the Golden Globes one could see more female skin exposed than commonly viewed in a locker room. If it wasn't legs bared, some approaching the hip, it was the sight of female bosoms entwined in rhinestones, restrained in glittery armor and revealed in views fit for a centerfold. One see-through outfit showed the actress was at least wearing underpants.


Gas spill at WS Golf course likely caused by vandalism in theft attempt

A gas storage tank at West Seattle Golf Course was likely vandalized in a theft attempt on Thursday night resulting in a fuel spill of between 250 and 300 gallons, authorities said. The gas soaked the soil near the storage tank site and made it's way into Longfellow Creek. Dead salmon could be seen in the water, turned green by dept of Ecology to determine the level of the contaminant.

The spill was reported around 6 am on Friday morning.

Recovery workers were able to get about 70 gallons of the fuel.

Booms were placed around the immediate area of the spill and the potential environmental damage was on going.

The storage tank has no fence around it and the pumps themselves are secured only by padlocks. It's unclear why the area has no motion sensing lights or fence around the pumps. The gas pump itself appeared to have a newer hose attached to the nozzle.