August 2021

Eight story 87 unit apartment proposed for Avalon Way SW under Administrative Design Review

NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE DESIGN REVIEW                                      

Area:  West Seattle  

Address:  3010 SW AVALON WAY  

Project:  3036362-EG  Zone:  MR (M)  

Applicant Contact:  JEFF WALLS - (206) 466-1225  

SDCI Planner:  Theresa Neylon - (206) 615-0179                                        


Administrative Design Review for an 8-story, 87-unit apartment building. Parking for 4 vehicles proposed.                                        



HERBOLD: West Seattle Bridge funding update

Total federal grant funding is now at $37 million

District 1 City Councilmember LIsa Herbold shared this news via her weekly email to constituents.


On Wednesday, the Transportation and Utilities Committee approved legislation accepting grants to SDOT for transportation projects. The legislation now moves to the Full Council for a final vote.

Included are four grants related to the West Seattle Bridge. Two of these grants have been announced before:

  • $11.26 million INFRA grant
  • $12 million from WSDOT for federal grant bridge funds

This brings total federal grant funding to $37 million, approximately 70% of the full repair cost.

Two grants included in the legislation are new. The legislation gives authority to accept grants of up to:


Burglary and car theft are up; Here's how to prevent them

By Jennifer Danner

Crime Prevention Coordinator 

Seattle Police Southwest Precinct

As the summer draws to an end, the SW Precinct continues to see increases in a few crimes, most notably- burglary, and auto theft. Please review the below crime prevention newsletter, focused on the prevention of burglary, auto theft and car prowl. 

Please keep in mind that I do offer free safety/security assessments! Contact me directly for scheduling.


Pat's View: Why are we working so hard to solve yesterday's problems?

By Patrick Robinson


The American economy is based on one of the tenets of capitalism. Growth equals good. But we live finite lives, live on a planet with shrinking resources, perpetuating what amounts to a delusion that more people, bigger vehicles, bigger homes, more homes, supersized meals, big gulps, and mega projects are how it all was meant to work. Clearly it’s not what we really want. Do you really want more concrete canyons full of corporate run outlets and micro apartments? Do you really want a forest of massive pillars carrying 600 ton trains running through your neighborhood? 

All for what? To transport people downtown and back again in ever growing numbers. Is it not clear yet that retail shopping has changed forever? Are we collectively unaware that remote work and augmented reality are forces that are here to stay? 


Marian Sarah Nelson

Marian Sarah Nelson passed away peacefully on June 29, 2021, at the age of 90.


Born on August 13, 1930, to Andrew and Amanda Melby in Ashby, Minnesota, Marian was the youngest of three – her brothers, Howard and Warren – having predeceased her. In 1949 she married Gerald R. “Jerry” Nelson and they moved to West Seattle in 1958, where they raised their family. They were married for 55 years until Jerry’s passing in 2004.