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Tue, 06/14/11

Anne Kennedy and Dennis Grace love their dog Haylee, who is a Jack Russell Terrier and this breed has a high energy reputation. So while she lives up to that, Grace said, "I've had people say that she doesn't seem as excitable or rambunctious as…MORE

Sun, 06/12/11

The Alki Point Lighthouse, 3201 Alki Ave SW, one of eight on the Puget Sound is open to the public for the next three months on Saturday and Sunday afternoons until 4:00 p.m. Built in 1913 and still maintained by the Coast Guard, the lighthouse…MORE

Sat, 06/11/11

Lindsay Thiele, who is an Assistant Teacher for the 2nd Grade at Westside School was busy Saturday Afternoon painting in the outlines for The Bridge logo on the outside south wall, originally designed by Joe Dick and Arthur Rodenhauser.


Fri, 06/10/11

Glass artist Richard Lowrie is back sharing the secrets of creating the glass jellyfish. The public is invited to watch live glass blowing demonstrations throughout the day at Avalon Glassworks when Lowrie will sculpt these seemingly weightless…MORE

Fri, 06/10/11

Opening at 4:00 pm the Bang Bar, West Seattle's newest restaurant/lounge is elevating people's expectations about Thai food by presenting it gourmet style in an elegant atmosphere.

The new restaurant the West Seattle Herald profiled here,…MORE

Fri, 06/10/11

Three collections of work among the many caught our attention during the June 9 edition of the West Seattle Artwalk. The "Cheap Side Review Flea Market" was a collection of art work and collectible items out for the fourth time only in the…MORE

Wed, 06/08/11

Editor's note: The West Seattle Herald has been covering news here for nearly a century. Robinson Newspapers (which publishes the West Seattle Herald) have a massive news archive of Herald coverage dating back to 1928. What follows are crime…MORE

Tue, 06/07/11

Carl Montford got his dog Becka 12 years ago from a breeder "way out in the country in Marysville," he said. Though she's a Bichon Frise "I think there's a poodle in her background somewhere around the grandfather level," Montford said, "She's a…MORE

Mon, 06/06/11

Monday, June 13th the Avalon Restaurant will close. But don't worry it's for a very special event. Avalon is staging a very limited seating Wine Dinner working with Forgeron Cellars from Walla Walla and with West Seattle Cellars for retail wine…MORE

Sun, 06/05/11

Three students from this years graduating class of West Seattle High School were singled out by the school administration last week because they represent people who have overcome serious obstacles and have become academic stars. The West…MORE

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