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Tue, 09/06/11

Gus, (whose formal name is Augustus Angelo) is so named because he comes from Italy. His owner Shelley Sutton spent a number of years in the military and was stationed in Italy in the Air Force in 2000. She had an apartment in Aviano and one day…MORE

Tue, 09/06/11

Yodio Tours, a Seattle company has launched a new Android app featuring several digital tours of Alki. Created by West Seattleite, Jim Winquist, the self-paced tours combine the free #775 bus and the digital walking tour to experience the best…MORE

Sat, 09/03/11

The Samoan culture in West Seattle, White Center and the entire region suffered a loss with the death of Sweetheart Failatusi on Aug. 16 but as was seen in the family's response in their on street memorial, their fund raising efforts and her…MORE

Thu, 09/01/11

Jennifer Hall, Special Education instructor for West Seattle High School shared these thoughts about the start of the new school year and their first day (after a mandatory furlough day):

We had a great day, and it seemed like all of us…MORE

Thu, 09/01/11

Charles Philipp Martin has accomplished what many only dream of doing, playing his instrument, broadcasting on radio, and writing, and getting paid for it all in a far-away land. He found Hong Kong, or rather, Hong Kong discovered him. He lived…MORE

Wed, 08/31/11

While driving around Alki these days you might notice a youthful runner tearing up the pavement, training for next year's Boston Marathon. Matthew, or Matt Haggerty, 17, a student at Seattle Lutheran High School, began running marathons two years…MORE

Tue, 08/30/11

Coyote is a "shepherd-husky mix we think," said his owner Craig Mitchell. "He literally came into our friend's back yard, this is about six years ago. He had been abandoned by somebody but had no tags. We tried to find an owner but couldn't. So…MORE

Sat, 08/27/11

The 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off starring Matthew Broderick is tonight's West Seattle Outdoor Movie. If you have not seen it, (or your kids haven't it is about a high school wise guy who is determined to have a day off from school,…MORE

Sat, 08/27/11

West Seattle professional photographer Steve Shelton is a runner among his other pursuits and on Thursday, Aug. 25 he was at Lowman Beach and captured this scene.

Temperatures in Seattle rose above the 80 degree mark this week and will…MORE

Fri, 08/26/11

Nhan Nguyen, the Neighborhood Revitalization Program Manager with the White Center Community Development Association has left the agency after a 2 year run. During his time in White Center he brought about a lot of change and mobilized the…MORE

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