Tue, 08/23/05


Unfortunately, it seems that ... our elected officials do NOT represent "the people" once they are in office. Instead, they represent the government. While they are salivating over millions of new tax dollars, the people whose…MORE

Wed, 08/10/05

It's election time again as city officials and their challengers face the voters.

Transportation is a perennial issue in every municipal campaign. Candidates talk about all of the streets that need repaving, the bridges that need…MORE

Thu, 08/04/05


For a free, self-governing people something more than a vague familiarity with history is essential, if we are to hold on to and sustain our freedom.

David McCullough

Not long ago, I promised readers a Times/News…MORE

Thu, 08/04/05

I told Marlene I didn't believe her.

"Do you want to see my driver's license?" she asked.

I said no.

"Fifty one. Not seventy one."

"Nope," she insisted, "seventy one.

I stared at her and still didn't believe but…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

When you have lunch with Mary Gates and Betty Huff, you have to accept a periodic interruption from friends of theirs. At Indochine recently, where Mary ordered a shrimp dish with a five-star degree of hotness, and Betty a more demure Thai salad…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

Is there some sort of rule in Seattle that says all proposals for advancement and change must be greeted with a loud and definitive "No"?

As soon as Southwest Airlines suggested moving its operations to cheaper quarters at Boeing Field,…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

It is amazing how the downtown media are able to forget that the people of Seattle voted four times to create and build a monorail. Columnist after columnist has declared the whole idea of a monorail dead and buried. The P-I said on Monday that…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

Up until now, the so-called "missing link" of the Burke-Gilman Trail was purely a matter of semantics. The construction of the $3.5 million segment along 54th Street and Seaview Avenue, between the Ballard Locks and Northwest 60th Street, gives…MORE

Wed, 07/20/05

We are unhappy to see the first commanding officer of the Southwest police precinct move to the department's largest precinct located in downtown. Capt. Jim Pryor ran a tight ship and led a top-flight unit that kept crime under control. But his…MORE

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