Tue, 09/06/05

Have you heard this one? The federal government says your boss can tell you not to talk with your co-workers when you're off duty. Can you imagine not being able to say "hi" to your co-workers at the local coffee shop or department store?


Tue, 09/06/05

As voters begin to receive their absentee ballots for the Sept. 20 primary, a foreboding will creep into many minds about when - and whether - their votes will be counted.

When election snafus first surfaced two years ago, most King County…MORE

Tue, 09/06/05

Opinions from around our community

Officers help provide safety at high schools

John P. Welch


Highline Public Schools

Special TO the Times/News


Wed, 08/31/05

If you are a resident of West Seattle, then the idea that Boeing Field will become a major short-haul airline terminal for Southwest Airlines, and maybe others, is one to be immediately and strongly resisted.

But, if you are a frequent…MORE

Wed, 08/31/05


To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

Former Sen. Barry Goldwater

Some readers were amused - others bemused - by a recent exchange of perspectives in these pages between Jeanette Burrage and myself.…MORE

Wed, 08/24/05

When I moved from Ballard to South Park not five months ago I had no idea what I was getting into. Maybe a little more crime nearby, maybe it'll be harder to get groceries after hours, but I knew I'd be speaking Spanish more often and I was eager…MORE

Tue, 08/23/05


Unfortunately, it seems that ... our elected officials do NOT represent "the people" once they are in office. Instead, they represent the government. While they are salivating over millions of new tax dollars, the people whose…MORE

Wed, 08/10/05

It's election time again as city officials and their challengers face the voters.

Transportation is a perennial issue in every municipal campaign. Candidates talk about all of the streets that need repaving, the bridges that need…MORE

Thu, 08/04/05


For a free, self-governing people something more than a vague familiarity with history is essential, if we are to hold on to and sustain our freedom.

David McCullough

Not long ago, I promised readers a Times/News…MORE

Thu, 08/04/05

I told Marlene I didn't believe her.

"Do you want to see my driver's license?" she asked.

I said no.

"Fifty one. Not seventy one."

"Nope," she insisted, "seventy one.

I stared at her and still didn't believe but…MORE

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