Thu, 08/04/05


For a free, self-governing people something more than a vague familiarity with history is essential, if we are to hold on to and sustain our freedom.

David McCullough

Not long ago, I promised readers a Times/News…MORE

Thu, 08/04/05

I told Marlene I didn't believe her.

"Do you want to see my driver's license?" she asked.

I said no.

"Fifty one. Not seventy one."

"Nope," she insisted, "seventy one.

I stared at her and still didn't believe but…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

When you have lunch with Mary Gates and Betty Huff, you have to accept a periodic interruption from friends of theirs. At Indochine recently, where Mary ordered a shrimp dish with a five-star degree of hotness, and Betty a more demure Thai salad…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

Is there some sort of rule in Seattle that says all proposals for advancement and change must be greeted with a loud and definitive "No"?

As soon as Southwest Airlines suggested moving its operations to cheaper quarters at Boeing Field,…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

It is amazing how the downtown media are able to forget that the people of Seattle voted four times to create and build a monorail. Columnist after columnist has declared the whole idea of a monorail dead and buried. The P-I said on Monday that…MORE

Wed, 07/27/05

Up until now, the so-called "missing link" of the Burke-Gilman Trail was purely a matter of semantics. The construction of the $3.5 million segment along 54th Street and Seaview Avenue, between the Ballard Locks and Northwest 60th Street, gives…MORE

Wed, 07/20/05

We are unhappy to see the first commanding officer of the Southwest police precinct move to the department's largest precinct located in downtown. Capt. Jim Pryor ran a tight ship and led a top-flight unit that kept crime under control. But his…MORE

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