December 2015

Sealth seeking Offensive Coordinator for football program

The football program at Chief Sealth International High School is re-opening the Offensive Coordinator position for one more week. They have dropped the B.A. requirement and experience working with the offense from 6 to 4 years.

Closing date is JANUARY 7TH, 2016
To apply please contact the Head Coach.

Símon Iñiguez
Chief Sealth I.H.S.
Football - Head Coach
2600 SW Thistle St.
Seattle, WA 98126


Man run over twice by car thief is sent to hospital in serious condition

information from King County Sheriff

A 47 year old man is on his way to Harborview after he was run over by a suspect attempting to steal his girlfriend’s car. The incident happened just after 5pm in the 13700 block of 10 Ave SW in Burien.

The victim had just finished washing his girlfriend’s Nissan Sentra and walked to a neighbor’s house to visit. While at the neighbor’s house the victim saw a man jump into the Nissan and start to back out of his driveway. The victim ran to the car and opened the driver’s door as the suspect was backing out of the driveway. The victim fell and was run over by the car as the suspect continued to back out.

The suspect then pulled forward running over the victim again before jumping out of the car and running from the scene. The victim was trapped under the car as neighbors tried to help. The victim was finally pulled out from under the car after a jack was used to lift the car and deputies lifted up the vehicle enough for neighbors to pull him out.

The man was conscious but had difficulty breathing and may have suffered broken bones. He was taken to Harborview in serious condition.


Amanda's View: Surprise Magic

By Amanda Knox

I realize that in many of my most recent columns—engaging with subjects like grief, political frustration, introspection, stillness—I may be coming across as a bit of a Debbie Downer. No, I don’t suffer from SAD (seasonal affect disorder). I’m not overwhelmed or irritated by the holidays. Quite the contrary, I luxuriate in any excuse to gather together with my big, loud family and celebrate the idea of life and light emerging from death and darkness. It’s just, even by the weekend before Christmas, the festivity of the season hadn’t yet caught up with me. Or, despite my best efforts in having done (most of) my Christmas shopping and painting my nails Santa Claus red, I hadn’t caught up with it. I’ve been distracted.
Enter the Democratic debates of Saturday, December 19th. I hastily wolfed down some salad greens in front of my computer screen for the opening thirty minutes, almost regretting that I had a fun evening planned. I was missing it! Oh, well. There’s always Youtube.


A boy, a girl and 'The Jewel'

Editors Note: This story from our sister publication, the Ballard News-Tribune is worth sharing, because it's so good.

By Bob Jepperson

Twelve year old Ruth Andersen skimmed across the frosty surface at the Ballard Ice Arena wearing the hockey skates that her mother bought for her at the Goodwill store. Ruth loved figure skating with her girlfriends, and she learned to skate quite well. In fact, she harbored secret dreams of competing someday in couples competitions.

One evening while Ruth sat on a rink-side bench lacing up her skates, a boy named Larry Desrosier skated over to her. He was fifteen years old at the time. The two chatted briefly. Imagine Ruth’s surprise a few days later when Larry showed up at her front door even though Ruth had not told Larry where she lived. He had ridden his Schwinn bicycle three miles from his house on NW 97th to her house on NW 57th. Eventually they became good friends. The year was 1948. Sixty-seven years later Larry and Ruth are still friends, and more. Today they are parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.


Taradise Cafe opens in former Marv's Broiler location in White Center

Opening in a landmark location in White Center at 9808 16th SW (the former Marv's Broiler) is the new Taradise Cafe, Owned by Tara Eckman Scott the building has been a restaurant for more than 50 years when it opened as Busey's XXX Drive in. In 1976 it became Marv's Broiler, was converted to a steak house and was operated successfully until this past November when it was closed.

Eckman Scott began her food service career at MealMakers (later the Charlestown Cafe) on California Ave. SW when she was 16.

It is a family style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner that with a changing weekly menu. The famous Pike Place Chowder will be served and she said, " A lot of the menu ideas came from the Charlestown Cafe."
Once the liquor license is approved it will be a full service bar with a "Taradise Drink" made from tropical vodka.

"I've always wanted to own a restaurant but I wanted to wait until the kids were older so I had more free time," she said. Eckman Scott said she has three children.

The business will employ 15 people right away with an increase planned if the business requires it.


Five story, 125 unit apartment building on Alki set for design review Jan. 21

An early design guidance meeting is set at the West Seattle Senior Center for a 5-story apartment complex with 125 residential units. Parking for 188 vehicles will be provided below grade. Existing structures (three houses) will be demolished. The building would be located at 1250 Alki Ave. SW near Duwamish Head.


Date: Thursday, January 21, 2016

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: West Seattle Senior Center
4217 SW Oregon Street
Room: Hatten Hall

(An early design guidance meeting was previously held on October 15, 2015.)

All meeting facilities are ADA compliant. Translators or interpreters provided upon request. Please contact the Public Resource Center at or (206) 684-8467 at least five business days prior to the meeting to request this service.



Robbery suspect being sought by King County Sheriff

Detectives are trying to identify a man who robbed a convenience store in the 17900 block of 1st Ave S just after midnight on December 22nd. The suspect entered the store and went to the liquor section towards the back of the store where he dropped a bottle of wine.

The clerk walked to the rear of the store and started cleaning up the mess. As the clerk was cleaning up the suspect went behind the counter and grabbed a string of scratch lottery tickets. The clerk confronted the male and pepper sprayed him. The male punched the clerk in the face and fled with the lottery tickets.

The clerk said the same suspect also stole lottery tickets from the store on December 7th around 10:30pm. During this crime he approached the counter and asked for over a dozen scratch lottery tickets. When the clerk was ringing up the items the suspect fled with the tickets. (C15300261)


You Are What You Eat: Faux pho

By Katy Wilkens, MS, RD

On these cold, rainy days, I have been craving that wonderful Vietnamese soup called pho (pronounced “fuh”).

A few years ago a colleague and I did a home visit to one of my patients. His lovely Vietnamese wife insisted on cooking us lunch. I insisted on watching how she made it. It was truly eye-opening – almost every ingredient added to the soup pot was high in sodium, from the canned beef broth to the Asian sausage to the fish sauce. Even the precooked noodles were high in sodium.

My colleague and I estimated the bowl of yummy broth, noodles, meat and sausage we consumed probably contained over 6,000 milligrams of salt. That was enough for each of us for five days! We had to put ourselves on strict low-sodium diets the rest of the week, since all that sodium can wreak havoc on blood pressure, heart and kidneys.


Boat fire in Harbor Island Marina consumes two boats completely

A boat fire, possibly caused by an on board heater according to a boat owner Stefan H. Krzeszowski in the same marina at Harbor Island, burned to the waterline after firefighters towed the boat into the Duwamish River and attempted to put the fire out. The fiberglass boat was fully engulfed and was a total loss.
A second boat was also lost and two other boats were damaged according to the Seattle Fire Department. The two boats sank as a result of the fire.

Krzeszowski said the first boat was approximately 32 feet in length. No word on the length of the other boat.

The dock is closed tonight pending further investigation.


Ballard encampment residents staying warm and dry

Campers hope for running water and electricity

By Zach Watson with contributions from Shane Harms

At the new transitional homeless encampment in Ballard (2826 N.W. Market Street) the tents are lifted off the ground on pallets. Blue tarps cover them. Gravel paths lead residents and visitors from the chain link gate, passed the administration hut and tiny homes, through the labyrinth of tents to the kitchen tent at the back of the property. A propane grill sits in front of out makeshift kitchen. Inside donated food is stacked on two foldout tables. A pile of trash bags filled with clothes and blankets sits on the floor.

The scene is a total transformation from last summer when the empty Seattle City Light substation was a barren and contaminated site. After an environmental remediation and volunteer construction, it has become a clean and organized tent city and home to 24 people.

“People have been coming out. I mean we’ve got a meal calendar to where people are bringing it daily,” said Matt Hannahs, resident and Camp Arbitrator.