October 2022

Burien City Council passes strengthened renter protections

Information from the City of Burien

On October 24, 2022, the Burien City Council adopted Ordinance 804, amending Burien’s existing suite of renter protections originally passed in 2019. The updated renter protections went into effect immediately, before the end of Burien’s eviction moratorium at the end of October. The updates to Burien Municipal Code 5.62 and 5.63 include:


West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival was wild and wonderful

Joining a string of returning events, the West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival 2022 edition was chock full of sweetness and life on a breezy fall day, And that includes the epic pie eating competition. 

The event featured the West Seattle High School Marching Band who donned in ponchos provided  the soundtrack during their parade through the event.




New theater company Blue Hour presents BOOM starting Nov. 4

If you enjoy live plays and stage acting a new group in West Seattle, Blue Hour theater group is presenting a play called boom at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center starting Nov. 4.

What we're about

Raising awareness about the impact of environmental change

We share stories that focus on the personal and social effects of an ever-changing world. Our goal is to present compelling human experiences that deal with the inequitable availability of resources, surviving a hostile climate, and the struggles we face to maintain meaningful connections with each other through it all. 

Italian Cultural Center reopens with even more Italian flavor

Casa Italiana, Italian Cultural Center at 13028 1st Ave South in Burien celebrated their reopening on Oct 29 by introducing the public to their new Gelato bar, an expanded sandwich menu and more shopping.

Nancy Sacco Chiodo, the cafe manager said this about their new lunch menu: “We will be serving a Meatball Sandwich, an Italian Sub Panini, a Mortadella sandwich, Lasagna, and a soup of the week. Starting with the Italian Sausage Soup. We will have features of the week. Raviolis will be served the first week. “

The Center features displays about notable contributors to life in the Seattle area by those of Italian heritage and is in the process of remaking the facility into a meeting and wedding venue.

As their website states their vision is to:


Oct 29 is SPD's Drug Take Back Day; North and South precincts participating

The Seattle Police Department, in partnership with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration is proud to participate in Drug Take Back Day again this year.

The drug overdose epidemic in the United States is a clear and present public health, public safety, and national security threat. DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take Back Day reflects DEA’s commitment to Americans’ safety and health, encouraging the public to remove unneeded medications from their homes as a measure of preventing medication misuse and opioid addiction from ever starting.


HERBOLD: Duwamish River Community projects to receive $244,000 in funding from the City of Seattle

Information courtesy of Councilmember Lisa Herbold

The City of Seattle announced grants for seven community-driven projects serving neighborhoods along the Duwamish River. As part of the Duwamish River Opportunity Fundthese projects will help to increase the sustainability of the neighborhoods impacted by the Superfund clean-up. The projects will begin this year and will continue into 2023. Here are the awards:

2022 Duwamish River Opportunity Fund Awards


She fled the war in Ukraine to make a new life in Seattle

Olga is 21 and a refugee from Ukraine where the Russian invasion has been raging since Februrary. Now living in West Seattle her journey has taken many turns, and she's been a witness to the horrors of war. Out of concern for her safety and her family, her last name is being withheld.  Here is her story:

"I was born in Sebastapol, Crimea, when it was still part of Ukraine and lived with my parents until they divorced. 

My mom and I moved to a small village 18 km north of the capital, Kyiv. 

Villages in Ukraine are rural, people living on what they can grow themselves. No internet access, no cellphones, nowhere near the major cities. It's a quiet life with pets and farm animals, family often spread out as young people leave to make their way in the world. 


SDOT: Spokane St Swing Bridge (low bridge): Epoxy and carbon-fiber strengthening work complete

Information from Seattle Department of Transportation

With repairs on the West Seattle Bridge (high bridge) complete, we shifted our focus to the Spokane St Swing Bridge (low bridge), which served as a vital connection to West Seattle for emergency services, transit, those seeking life-saving medical treatment, and freight during the 2 ½-year high bridge closure.