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Fri, 08/12/11

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Interviewee: Sacsha Toda-Toda-Peters
Occupation: Tour guide
Riding style: Commuting, recreational, and pedicab-ing
His ride: Commercial passenger tricycle

Wearing a crisp white button-up shirt, a…MORE

Wed, 08/10/11

On Sundays, delicious smells of freshly baked cookies waft through the hallways of Ballard Kitchen on Market Street. Inside, Alison Dahmen is slaving away for 15 hours to bake and package 1,200 of her one-of-a-kind Skydottir Epic Cookies, each of…MORE

Wed, 08/10/11

The third annual PhinneyWood Summer Streets is being held on Friday from 6-9 p.m. along Greenwood Avenue N. from N. 67th to 87th streets. The event will close Greenwood Avenue N. to cars and everyone is invited to come and play in the street and…MORE

Wed, 08/10/11

I do leave Ballard. At least once a week I drive underneath the Ballard Bridge, southeast on Leary Way and then up onto Highway 99. I move to the middle lane southbound, having vowed to never ever drive in the far left “head-on” lane. I’m only…MORE

Wed, 08/10/11

In celebration of Ballard's green spaces, Groundswell NW features and celebrates a "Park of the Month" and the community around it. In August the spotlight is on Golden Gardens Park and the group that is preserving the park's natural habitat.…MORE

Mon, 08/08/11

By Lauren DiRe, Intern

On Friday, locals were asked at random to give their opinion about Referendum 1 and the tunnel that will replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

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Sat, 08/06/11

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The 15th annual Dead Baby Downhill race took place in West Seattle and Georgetown on Friday, August 5th.

Founded in a small Belltown bikeshop 15 years ago, the Dead Baby Downhill has grown into…MORE

Thu, 08/04/11

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On any given day, Todd Kline can be found wandering through Ballard.

He has permanent sandal tan lines on his feet which he shows off proudly as evidence to his many hours spent outside.


Wed, 08/03/11

They say laughter is the best medicine, and for the many of you who feel like you are suffering from SAD this summer, I am about to write you a prescription. While most of us have been spending the summer angry about the lack of sun, two local…MORE

Wed, 08/03/11

When Seattle Department of Transportation recently dug up a nearby intersection for a traffic circle they dug up a lot more than concrete and dirt. No time capsule beneath the pavement, but given the reminiscences inspired by the sight of the old…MORE

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