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Fri, 06/24/11

To impress guests at your next shindig without the hassle of making frosting flowers, “candy” some flowers by sugarcoating them. You can candy rose petals, pansies, apple blossoms, lilac, or borage as well as leaves of mint, sage, or tarragon.…MORE

Thu, 06/23/11

Interviewee: Jennifer Lee
Occupation: Medical TechnicianRiding style: recreational
Her ride: a giant urban hybrid. "A friend lent it to me. I'm still looking for my dream bike...."I'll know what it is when I see it."

Last week, thousands…MORE

Thu, 06/23/11

By Jeff and Eileen Bidwell

Bugs ‘n’ slugs ‘n’ snails—oh, my! Summer is here at last; at least according to the calendar. This year’s cool days and chilly nights surely contradict our calendars, but after our long, wet winter, nothing…MORE

Wed, 06/22/11

In April, Ballard High School student Max Wasser served as a legislative page on the floor of the House of Representatives. Any student (aged 14-17) is eligible to serve as a legislative page in the state House or Senate, where for one week,…MORE

Tue, 06/21/11

Ever wonder what Ballardites are jamming to on their iPods, in their cars or in their homes?

Here's the Top 25 albums sold at Ballard's Sonic Boom Records last week compiled by owner, Jason Hughes.

Top 25 Albums at Sonic Boom…MORE

Mon, 06/20/11

Note: The 3rd annual Sustainable Ballard Edible Garden Tour takes place June 25, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., beginning at Ballard Community Center, 6020 – 28th Ave. NW; tickets are $10 per person (kids are free) and can be purchased day-of (tickets are a…MORE

Sat, 06/18/11

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Thousands of spectators came out to see the famously eclectic Solstice Parade in Fremont on Saturday, despite the rainy weather.

This year Fremont celebrated the 40th annual Fremont Fair,…MORE

Fri, 06/17/11

As of last week, Ballard Farmers Market faithfuls can vote for their favorite market to help Ballard rank once again in the America's Favorite Farmers Market Contest. Last year, the Ballard Market was ranked fourth in the nation.


Thu, 06/16/11

Interviewee: Gina Kavesh
Occupation: Owner of Renton Western Wear 
Riding style: racing
Her ride: her commuter is a vintage Davidson with a carbon fork, titanium frame. "It's a great rain bike."

In recent years, Washington has become one…MORE

Wed, 06/15/11

For weeks I’ve been hearing mysterious references to “birds” being fabricated in Ballard and then shipped to Alaska. The birds are actually three dimensional sculptures of Northwest birds in migration; each one hand crafted in aluminum to become…MORE

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