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Wed, 01/29/14

By Scott Anthony For years I worked in a big printing plant in Tukwila. We had about 50 guys there, from all walks of life and of varying degrees of smarts. I learned a lot of things about human nature and working relationships there and one day…MORE

Mon, 01/27/14

I'm not much of a craftsman. I admit it. I do like to tinker in the garage and I've owned nearly every type of woodworking tool to make everyone think I know what I'm doing. Crosscut saws, rip saws, band saws, table saws, hack saws. I never saw a…MORE

Wed, 01/22/14

Mack, my beautiful Border Collie was actually my second dog. I had "Boots" a mutt of mixed breed who we lost in a horrific traffic accident near Astoria, Oregon in 1927. Dad's car was cut in half by a wayward driver, in the rain. Boots was…MORE

Mon, 01/20/14

By Ken Robinson For a few years, it was just the two of us in that house on the river. Once in a while, a deer walked through the yard. And sometimes an eagle perched nearby. We weren't pet lovers. Friends had dogs. A Neighbor had a big burly cat…MORE

Mon, 01/20/14

By Scott Anthony Dr. Andrew Weil is a medical doctor who favors herbs and organic food products over pharmaceuticals and the food produced by the congloms.

To me, and I’m certain, to a lot of folks he looks a bit like Santa Claus, albeit…MORE

Wed, 01/15/14

By Kyra-lin Hom

By age 12, we all know Hollywood is fake. We’ve learned about wires, prosthetics, and special effects. If you’re like me, you’ve converted hours of behind the scenes footage into hours of messing about with friends and a…MORE

Wed, 01/08/14

By Kyra-lin Hom

Pardon me, as this week I’m slipping on my film junkie jacket. With a background in screenwriting and film studies and so many tasty blockbusters to choose from recently, I simply can’t help myself. Plus it certainly doesn’…MORE

Wed, 01/08/14

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

A new year, 2014, is upon us. No better time than now to contemplate the life we have lived and learn from our past. They say that if one does not learn from one’s mistakes one is sure to repeat them. But we no…MORE

Tue, 01/07/14

Editors Note: Burien resident Bill Cullins has had many careers from sales, to service, always seeking to reinvent himself in an effort to learn more about himself and the world. He has now embarked on a Walkabout. A journey of self discovery…MORE

Mon, 12/30/13

By Cindi Rinehart“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in wood and I… I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

That is the last stanza of one of my…MORE

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