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Mon, 01/12/15

Emotion is a strange monster. We villainize rage as a bad temper, typecast bouts of extreme sadness as depression, and label boredom as an attention deficit. Yet we also revere heroic vengeance, dramatize traumatic grief and exemplify the…MORE

Mon, 12/22/14

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to mingle with all ages in our urban culture. The extended family of the rural community is fractured by segregated urban living. You have read my complaints about this…MORE

Wed, 12/03/14

By Ed Shepherd Sports Correspondent

FEDERAL WAY--Kennedy Catholic finished the girls swim season in the top 10 of 3A state -- eighth-- anchored by Angela Gagliardo's strong individual swims, and Highline's Sophia Cassam took second in…MORE

Mon, 11/24/14

Deadline for receiving Calendar items is Noon Wednesday for the following week’s Friday Times/News. Events are published based on timeliness and space available. Email submissions as soon as possible to: calendar@robinsonnews.com. Items can be…MORE

Tue, 11/18/14

By Tim Clifford

According to Michele Clarke-Mason, owner of Meant To Be Foods and the nutritional therapist for the Seahawks, it takes approximately 7,000 calories of food-a-day to feed a single player. The average intake for a mildly…MORE

Sun, 10/26/14

By Tim Clifford

Some Halloween traditions are of the spooky and spine tingling variety. Other traditions, such as the annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest held on Redondo Beach, are geared more towards testing technical skills and…MORE

Mon, 10/06/14

By Scott Anthony

At Fred Meyer, we passed the freezer case and some organic sour cream caught my eye.

“Honey,” I said conspiratorily, “how about we break the Sunday night spaghetti dinner tradition and have Turkos?” She gives the ok…MORE

Mon, 10/06/14

By Tim Robinson Much of my "short" liife in high school (I was 5-3" as a sophomore) centered around hero worship. Sitting in P.E. class that week I listened at roll call. "Bamburg--here", "Baldwin--here," etal. When the coach got to "Salterelli…MORE

Mon, 09/29/14

(Editor's note: Rob Ketcherside, local writer and software manager will be writing articles for the Westside Weekly this fall. We introduce him to you here)

By Tim Robinson When Rob Ketcherside started digging into Seattle's history of…MORE

Mon, 09/22/14

A friend of mine owns a 73-inch Mitsubishi projection TV system. That’s why he’s a friend of mine---especially on Seahawks Sundays.

His system has almost everything you can imagine, including High Definition. When I was a kid, High…MORE

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