Richard “Dick” Maurice PATTEN 1924 ~ 2015

Oct. 21, 1924 ~ Feb. 2, 2015
When Dick Patten was born in Seattle, Washington with cerebral palsy, his prognosis was poor. Some doctors didn’t expect him to live past his seventh birthday. His parents were determined that his life would be as normal as possible, and as he got older, they taught him important skills and gave him jobs to help him grow stronger and develop a solid work ethic.

Throughout his childhood, some teased him because of his disabilities, but that never affected Dick. His parents taught him to look for the good in everyone, laugh at his problems and be grateful for his blessings.
Graduating from a Seattle school for the handicapped, Dick worked as a stock boy at Leed’s Shoe Store. He used his weekly wages to pay room and board to his parents, buy a chocolate milkshake at Woolworth’s, and add to his savings.

His parents’ lessons in positive thinking and self-reliance paid off. Dick was known in West Seattle, on and off his bicycle, as an energetic encourager. He crafted many gifts out of wood.

Dick will be honored with a memorial reception Saturday, May 16, 2015, 1 p.m., at Normandy Park Community Club (The Cove), 1500 SW Shorebrook Dr., 98166.


Published in The West Seattle Herald Section of The Westside Weekly May 8, 2015

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