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Sat, 06/04/11

Pain relief, rehabilitation from injury, even improved performance are all reasons to visit a physical therapist. But Lora Clothier brings her empathy to the job and as an athlete herself her deep experience adds a unique dimension to her efforts…MORE

Sat, 06/04/11

South Seattle Community College hosted a public presentation June 2 in the Olympic Hall Theater exploring the history of discrimination toward African Americans in Seattle and the robust Civil Rights Movement here in the 1960's. Four panelists…MORE

Fri, 06/03/11

Showing their work for only the second time the cast, crew and creators of West Seattle based television show The Divine Marigolds played host to a group of approximately 50 people who came to see the screening of the pilot episode. The event…MORE

Tue, 05/31/11

Biscuit is a 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier who, according to owner Lew, Judy and Rachel Townsend was conceived on 9/11. "We weren't there, but the breeder was," said Lew. Biscuits father is from Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada and his mother…MORE

Sat, 05/28/11

Colman Pool opening Sunday May 29, after a brief delay, is almost ready again for another season, its 70th, as one of the most popular locations in the Seattle Parks Department.

A 70th Birthday Bash is set for July 4 from 1:45pm to 4:45…MORE

Fri, 05/27/11

Nichole Curry is a woman who understands her life purpose. At a time when so many are changing careers and seeking new directions that means she's something of a rarity.

Being a deeply committed Christian helps and is the foundation for…MORE

Thu, 05/26/11

Pho My Loi, a Vietnamese pho and noodle restaurant in White Center has a brand new look. Owner Chuong Tran has invested in some new animated LED signage and flags for the three year old business.

It is located at 10439 16th Ave s.w. #A at…MORE

Thu, 05/26/11

Editor's note: The West Seattle Herald has been covering news here for nearly a century. Robinson Newspapers (which publishes the West Seattle Herald) have a massive news archive of Herald coverage dating back to 1928. What follows are crime…MORE

Wed, 05/25/11

If you see Hal and Barbara Jones walking through their Alaska Junction neighborhood, you might not, well, notice them. And while they appear as unassuming as their last name suggests, it would be difficult to keep up with these Joneses as their…MORE

Wed, 05/25/11

Bailey is an odd combination of dog breeds born of three varieties King Cavalier, poodle and Bichon Frisee which makes him according to owner Judy Popky, "A Cavapoochon."

He's just over a year old and came from a breeder in Austin Texas. "…MORE

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