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Thu, 06/30/11

As many recall, Fauntleroy resident William Khazaal organized a Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser on World MS Day May 25. He helped round up 69 restaurants and small businesses, over 20 in West Seattle and White Center, to donate a percentage of…MORE

Tue, 06/28/11

Bianca Knitter got her dog Oskar a pure bred Saint Bernard as a rescue dog and he came to live with her when he was just over 7 months old from Saint Bernard Rescue. "He's actually from Oregon. I drove down to Tillamook to pick him up there."…MORE

Sun, 06/26/11

Botanist and Ecological Consultant Stewart Wechsler can be seen on certain days in Lincoln Park, running very quickly with a net in pursuit of an elusive prey. During June he's been seeking the Western Tiger Swallowtail which at this time of year…MORE

Sat, 06/25/11

Flying through the air with only cement below you is a surprisingly attractive dream for millions of people who skateboard and a West Seattle company is responsible for making many of those dreams, their own included, come true in what is today…MORE

Fri, 06/24/11

Alki Arts Gallery’s one-year anniversary will be celebrated there Sunday, July 10, noon to 10:00 p.m. So too will the many artists the cheery storefront represents, including painter, Sheila Lengle.

Lengle, a Highland Park resident and…MORE

Wed, 06/22/11

After two years of college in Boston, Evan Miglorie, 20, of Fauntleroy had an important decision to make, and followed Yogi Berra's advice. When he came to a fork in the road, he took it.

Miglorie felt disillusioned with school and…MORE

Tue, 06/21/11

Steve Smith, and his dog Archie, a border terrier, have been together for almost six years. He acquired him from a breeder Shelby Russell Diaz in Maple Valley.

"He's the world's friendliest dog," said Smith," he loves people. He loves…MORE

Fri, 06/17/11

Editor's note: The West Seattle Herald has been covering news here for nearly a century. Robinson Newspapers (which publishes the West Seattle Herald) have a massive news archive of Herald coverage dating back to 1928. What follows are crime…MORE

Wed, 06/15/11

By Stacey Riley

Summer is finally here…isn’t it? Seattleites really take advantage of the few sunny days we get while hoping for more on the way! True to our northwest style, we start gardening and sprucing up our yards for the sunny…MORE

Tue, 06/14/11

Anne Kennedy and Dennis Grace love their dog Haylee, who is a Jack Russell Terrier and this breed has a high energy reputation. So while she lives up to that, Grace said, "I've had people say that she doesn't seem as excitable or rambunctious as…MORE

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