October 2018

Dave's Diner in SeaTac honored; Iconic restaurant now closed

Dave’s Diner Proclamation made by the city of SeaTac

The City Council proclaimed October 23, 2018 as Dave’s Diner Day. Mayor Erin Sitterley gave Dave’s Diner owner Dave Sousa a City proclamation for his significant contribution to the City of SeaTac.

In 1996, Mr. Sousa opened Dave’s Diner and Brew which offers 1950’s style home cooking, Route 66 décor and friendly service and atmosphere.

He recently decided to retire and shutter the iconic restaurant which has been located on 188th South since opening.


Little home movies

By Ken Robinson

Managing Editor

I handed Deb a pork-filled tortilla, slathered with mayo and mustard the way she ordered it. She tore the top part of it off like a mother lion shredding a wildebeest. I raised an eyebrow. She glowered.

I threw up a hand. “It’s your food.”

She was sitting in bed, at 2:30, swaddled in a blanket because she was cold.

So I told her: “A thousand people just called me to say they liked my last column.”

She said: ”You mean one person called and you multiplied by a thousand?”

“Yes. But Dad said that is what you are supposed to do. When one person calls to comment on something in the paper, 999 thought about it but just didn’t follow through. That’s an old rule in the newspaper business.”

“Who was it,” she asked.

A woman, named ‘Jerry’  Or maybe ‘Jeri.” Anyway, she loves the paper. And  said I should write more often.