May 2019

Six times two for District 6

By Peggy Sturdivant

What is the role of the local weekly if not to help citizens when it’s time to elect their city officials? For only the second time since Seattle moved to electing City Council members by district (plus two at-large positions) all seven districts are up for elections. Four incumbents are bowing out. That’s the case in District 6 where 12 candidates have now filed to run for the seat currently held by Mike O’Brien.

public meeting with the candidates


11th Grade Girls honored in STEM classes

AAUW (American Association of University Women) Highline Branch held a reception for 11 grade girls who had been recommended for their high achievement by their STEM-class teachers.  Girls from seven high schools in the Highline area – Evergreen, Kennedy, Highline, Mount Rainier, Tyee, Seattle Christian and Raisbeck Aviation received a certificate and a $50 Visa Gift Card while their proud parents looked on. 

The girls introduced themselves and explained a bit about their future plans – which included attending university and studying for various health and medical professions, working in environmental concerns, computer science, an engineering degree,  space exploration and Robotics to name a few. 

They listened to some good advice and much encouragement from keynote speakers Claire Foster who has an engineering degree and works for the City of Seattle and Annie Gesellchen, soon to graduate with a degree in computer science from UW.


Poor man’s asparagus: winter leeks in the garden

By Katy G. Wilkens

One of my favorite veggies in my winter garden is leeks. I hardly notice them during the summer, but at this time of year they shine a wonderful soft green and white with their ladder-like leaves growing up the stems. Like a giant green onion, leeks somehow manage to make it through most winters. You can pull the fleshy, thick stems out of the ground until it’s freezing outside.

Leeks are high in vitamin C, vitamin A and folate, and their flavor is different enough from onions to make them a welcome addition to the vegetable palate of winter. I use winter leeks instead of onion in recipes that call for green onion, and often instead of white or yellow onion.


Nothing to like about Seattle?

By Jean Godden

Emmett Watson would have loved a recent banner headline: "Young Seattle Residents Find Little to Like About Seattle."

I don't know how many readers still remember the late great Emmett Watson. But, if you came from afar or are too young to recall, Watson was once Seattle's foremost newspaper columnist, appearing as often as six times a week in this city's daily papers.

Some years ago, Watson dreamed up an outfit he called Lesser Seattle. It was his response to an ad campaign pushed by the city's Chamber of Commerce. The chamber used the Greater Seattle campaign to "put Seattle on the map." But Watson claimed the push was "boosterism of a kind that would have shocked George F. Babbitt."


The flower baskets are up in the Junction; Floral displays will last all summer

For the third year the West Seattle Junction Association sponsored Petal Power- Adopt a Basket in the Junction. The baskets, grown and installed by City Planters consist of Petunias, geraniums and other bedding plants and will be up until October. 

Each cost $159 to sponsor and each sponsor gets a plaque on their basket to show their support for the beautification of the neighborhood. 


Community invited to participate in design for Fairmount Playground south play area 

information from Seattle Parks and Recreation

Seattle Parks and Recreation invites the community to participate in the renovation of the south play area at Fairmount Playground. Please join us for a Public Meeting on Thursday, May 30, 2019 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Fairmount Park Elementary cafeteria, 3800 S.W. Findlay St.