February 2020

Seattle Parks and Recreation seeks partners to provide programs for youth through the Summer Playground Program

information from Seattle Parks and Recreation

Seattle Parks and Recreation is seeking individuals, groups, or organizations to provide culturally relevant, safe, active and reliable programs to the community through the Summer Playground Program. The focus of the Summer Playground Program is to provide free healthy meals, as well as fun, innovative and active programs at park sites across Seattle that will have a positive impact on the children, families, and communities of Seattle. The Summer Playground Program will run from July 6 to August 21, 2020.


The Lee Side- Who wears the pants?

Editors Note: This column by Lee Robinson (1921-1968) originally appeared in print in 1966.

By Lee Robinson

If the fashion experts are able to swing it, in the near future there will no longer be a question as to who wears the pants in the family.

Hot on the heels of the Mod fashions for the teenie terrors, I.e., mini skirts, see·through garments that reveal the "real you," checked or flowered trousers for the male (yuck), the latest word is that men may be wearing skirts. (Mini happy returns of the day, fellers.)

La belle dame sans merci' is in for a lot of chuckles.

Wait 'til you get a gander at THEIR legs, girls. And I've been wondering what other changes will be in store.

Will the boys also don pantie stockings, ruffled bloomers, waist cinchers, and garterbelts and heaven forbid, panty girdles?

Will we have to wait in line at the hair salon because that's where the boys are?