May 2020

SDOT working a variety of measures since the bridge closure, on the bridge, on traffic and more

information from Seattle Department of Transportation

The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure has had a dramatic effect on the West Seattle and Duwamish Valley communities, and on Seattle as a whole.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) does not take this lightly. Every day since we removed traffic from the bridge, we have been planning and implementing solutions to keep people moving, soften the impacts of the bridge closure to the best of our abilities, and preserve public safety.  


Two West Seattle Bridge advisory groups named; Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force

information from the City of Seattle

Mayor Durkan and The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are pleased to announce today the formation of two West Seattle Bridge advisory groups – our Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and our West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force. 

Today’s announcement makes clear that the City is moving forward with the support and network necessary to take on the critical milestones just ahead. 

Mayor Durkan continues to stress the urgent need to reconnect West Seattle and the rest of the city during this challenging time when so much has changed in everyone’s lives. There is a need for economic recovery and community health citywide, but especially in the Duwamish Valley communities.  


Local food banks face growing need, changing operations amid coronavirus impact

By Hannah Sheil

As the economic effects of coronavirus deepen, Seattle food banks are tasked with handling the growing need for food in their communities while also managing safe distribution practices and significant operational changes.

With many communities experiencing food insecurity and others at risk of coronavirus due to pre-existing health issues, people are picking up food for themselves and a growing number of friends, families, and neighbors. This high demand is creating a growing pressure for resources, said Northwest Harvest Communications Director Jordan Rubin.

“The amount of people coming into food banks in Washington is growing,” Rubin said, “but also the overall need of what people need to take back with them is growing.”


Donating blood during a pandemic is more than important, it's life saving

City of Normandy Park is hosting a pop up Donor Center June 1,2, 8 and 9

Many blood donation efforts around the nation have had to cancel traditional blood drives and bloodmobiles to maintain safety and social distancing. But Donating blood is a vital way to help save lives. Along with helping save lives, there are a number of reasons why donating blood is important. A single donation can save three lives. One blood donation provides different blood components that can help up to three different people.

If you've been feeling as if you want to help others but the pandemic has held you back. The City of Normandy Park has a great opportunity to do some genuine good, and save lives.

be the someone

They are asking you to donate some blood at the Pop-Up Donor Center in Normandy Park June 1,2, 8 and 9


Jeffrey Kenneth Ruud May 3, 1960 - May 17, 2020

Jeff passed away peacefully from complications due to Covid-19. 

Graduating from West Seattle High School in 1978, Jeff loved hockey and tennis, playing both at a high level through high school. He so enjoyed being with family and friends along with watching movies, hockey and tennis. He and his family had struggled with his schizophrenia for 42 years. Throughout, Jeff never lost his sense of humor and easily made friends wherever he lived.


Pop up shop selling personal protective gear now open on Alki

With personal protective equipment  (PPE) still in high demand and masks mandated for many activities a new pop up shop, selling PPE is now open on Alki Beach, at 2532 Alki Ave SW. 

The store run by Science English is intending to sell KN95 masks, surgical gowns, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer and even UV light systems that can sanitize entire areas. The protective gear is FDA certified.

The plan is to run the store for the next 60 days open daily from 11 am to 6pm. People intending to buy are asked to call ahead to 509-768-7484 .

No credit cards can be used. Cash only sales.

The site is the former home of Coastal Boutique and for a time a bike sales outlet called Cycle Therapy that is due to return, possibly this summer once retail operations are made possible.