September 2021

Pat's View: Self talk

By Patrick Robinson

This isn’t an original idea, but everyone, including you, has that voice in their head. Sometimes we go on automatic and just perform tasks as routine without talking ourselves through it. But more often than not, and especially when it comes to learning something new, trying something unfamiliar, looking back at past mistakes, thinking about relationships, or just dealing with the cascade of chemicals that our own bodies produce in our brains… We talk to ourselves.

But as we are forming our personalities, science says largely before age 6, we pick up lessons about how to think, behave, respond, and interact. Those lessons, often in the form of words from our parents or siblings, stay with us and get reinforced over time. We are trained to be that way and those words, and the feelings that go with them become a well worn brain pathway.


Highland Park Corner Store expands and has bigger plans for the community

The Highland Park Corner Store WestsideSeattle told you about first at 7789 Highland Park Way was well received when they opened last March. Owner Meaghan Haas said, "the reception was so overwhelmingly positive" that she was thrilled with how many people came to make it their neighborhood, "third place". She noted that the people at the nearby Bethany West Seattle Church stop by now regularly after a Sunday service to have a coffee and conversation.

But since the opening the plan has always been to expand the seating, products sold and to lay the ground work for events to be held there. That grand 're-opening' is happening this weekend Sept. 5 and 6 with some very special things planned.


UPDATE: Power outage hits Normandy Park and Burien; now fixed

Update 5:45pm

Power is restored for the bulk of those that were out but 541 customers are still without power. From 120th South  up  past Glen Acres Golf Course to South 96th Street pockets of outages were persisting. They expected to have it resolved by 9pm.

Original Post 12:30 pm

A power outage hit parts of I Normandy Park and Burien on Friday afternoon. The outage of unknown origin affected parts of Normandy Park near 3 Tree point and extended north up along Myers way to the north near 96th  south. Restoration was not expected until after 8pm


Seattle Police respond to car wash neighbor's noise complaints

The Car Wash Palace on 35th SW at SW Graham Street is a long time fixture for drivers who use the do-it-yourself facility as a quick stop to clean up their cars. But for some, despite the rule against loud music and prominent signage as reminders, their entertainment seems more important. 

The neighborhood has grown around the business with apartments nearby and as more people have stayed in the area due to the pandemic, business at the car wash has been steady. 

For the local neighbors, the combination of the loud music, vaccum cleaners and the fact that it's a 24 hour facility has led to a group of some 15 people who were fed up with the inability to sleep and the interruption of their evenings. They were on the verge of a lawsuit when they reached out to both the owners and the Seattle Police Department. Now a solution looks like its in the works. According to Jennifer Danner, SW Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator,