July 2023

District 1 City Council candidates offer contrasting views

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Westside Seattle reached out to the District 1 candidates for Seattle City Council and those we could reach were asked to prepare one minute answers to four questions and send their responses back on video. The goal was to allow voters to quickly be able to contrast and compare the candidates on important issues. By no means is this set of comparisons a full picture of who the candidates are or an example of how they might perform in the role. They are presented here and in the video below in alphabetical order.

NOTE: At the time this set of questions and answers were solicited and given, candidate Stephen A. Brown had not entered the race.



Question One

The issue of homelessness is especially acute in Seattle.


UPDATE: Tribal canoe journey landing greeted by thousands at Alki

Update 7/30

The arrival of the canoes from many tribes, part of a an inter tribal canoe journey was attended by thousands of people, many of them the families of those whose hard paddling work brought them from points around Western Washington and beyond. Tents were set up with chairs for observers as the canoes arrived around 11 am. They massed offshore and individually called out to other tribes on land, asking permission to come ashore. Once granted they paddled in and the call went out for each, asking for help from those willing to bear the canoes up the beach.

canoes and liberty
The canoes arrived at Alki Beach starting around 11am. Photo by Patrick Robinson



UPDATE: Five Guys Burgers now open at Westwood Village

Update 7/29/23

The Five Guys restaurant offering up their signature burgers and fries opened at 11 am on Saturday.

Original Post 7/6/23

The burger Five Guys at 2600 SW Barton St at Westwood Village is set to open in late July according to the company. The restaurant, founded in 1986, is one of 1700 located in 28 countries around the world. They specialize in all fresh ingredients (they have no freezers on site) and allow diners to customize their burgers (250,000 ways they say) and more than 1000 ways to customize milkshakes. Five Guys double cooks its fries in 100% peanut oil and serves peanuts while you wait. Milkshakes are relatively new for Five Guys coming to the menu only 2014. 

They note that they have 11 mix-in options, including Oreo cookie pieces, peanut butter, real strawberries and even bacon.

 In June 2023, Five Guys opened their first location in South Korea.


Creating Bee Houses: A strategy in your conservation tool box

By Chloe Markovits

West Seattle Nursery

Bees are vital pollinators that play a crucial role in our ecosystem, facilitating the reproduction of countless plant species. As their populations continue to decline, it becomes increasingly important for us to provide them with suitable habitats. One effective tool in this endeavor is the installation of bee houses. In this article, we will delve into the significance of properly designed and maintained bee houses, highlighting their educational value and the importance of pairing them with pesticide-free pollinator habitat creation for effective conservation.


Whitney Moore given a happy sendoff; West Seattle Chamber Exec. Director leaving job

Guiding a business organization is not a task for the faint of heart and doing so for a community during a pandemic while the primary transportation artery is closed is especially challenging. 

Yet Whitney Moore took that on. She became the Executive Director of the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce in April of 2021 bringing communications, event planning and strategic marketing experience, and previously worked with the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

Whitney crown
Whitney Moore was given a decorative crown to celebrate a job well done. Photo by Patrick Robinson



SPD "Community Conversation" with business owners applies to others too

When in doubt, call 911; It paints a picture of needed enforcement efforts says SPD

A meeting with West Seattle business owners and the Seattle Police Department (SPD) on Thursday July 27 revealed the complexity of how to deal with crime and security but in short boiled down to one idea. Call 911. 

Even with a depleted force Lieutenant Dorothy Kim and Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Satterwhite emphasized repeatedly that because the department is “data driven” those calls matter. 

They said that the calls comprise data points that influence deployment decisions and help the department allocate resources. “We know 911 is the is the priority but when in doubt just call 911 explain the situation and they will prioritize the call from there they will determine the best resources based on what you share with them.,” Satterwhite said. 

The SPD representatives spoke about chronic offenders in the area that are difficult to deal with. 


Paint & Sip event at Northwest Wine Academy at South Seattle College

Enjoy a wine tasting & unleash your inner artist!

Paint & canvases will be provided

$35 Per Person and you must be 21 and over.

Date & Time:

7/27/2023 5-6PM


Northwest Wine Academy At South Seattle College 6000 16th Ave SW Seattle, WA

Limited Space Available, please RSVP at: wineinfo@seattlecolleges.edu

Seattle Colleges is committed to the concept and practice of equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation for all its students, employees, and applicants in education, employment, services, and contracts. For the full non-discrimination statement, visit www.seattlecollegesedu/nds.