August 2023

Spirit of Halloween is open at Westwood Village and hiring

Pop up seasonal store Spirit Halloween is open at Westwood Village in the former Bed Bath and Beyond location on the north side of the mall. They describe themselves as "the premier destination for all things Halloween, offering one stop shopping for everything from costumes to décor and party goods to accessories."  Established in 1983, Spirit Halloween is the largest Halloween retailer in the country and operates over 1500+ stores throughout North America.

They are hiring and are seeking an assistant Manager. To apply visit them online at

These three monsters were spotted at the store. Photo by Kimberly Robinson



Mrs. Roper Romp will be more than Three's Company Aug. 26

If you are a fan of the classic TV Sitcom Three's Company then an event on Saturday August 26 is just your cup of whatever.

Join the crowd in the West Seattle Junction as we celebrate the fabulous style and spirit of Mrs. Helen Roper! Dress to impress for an epic night of laughter and fun as we “Romp”around the grooviest bars in the neighborhood! 

Due to the overwhelming amount of interest in this event, we’ve decided it’s better to be more of a “Sprawl” than a “Crawl”. We definitely want everyone to have a fantastic time, especially our local bars/restaurants. It would be wonderful if this became an annual event the entire community is excited for! 
The following is a general timeline and guide to participating businesses, but feel free to go where the vibe takes you! 


Highland Park Improvement Club moving forward with reconstruction plan

The Highland Park Improvement Club has applied for the next step in the creation of the replacement for the community center they lost in a tragic fire in june of 2021.

The new 6100 square foot space will offer musical performances, and events, with space for weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays and wakes, and local meetings, classes and gatherings. The space will act as an emergency HUB point for the Highland Park neighborhood and as a social focal point, builiding community connections and resilience.


Juvenile victim rescued in Home Invasion; 40 year old suspect drinking gas, arrested

information from Seattle Police Blotter

by Public Affairs on August 23, 2023 5:00 pm

Friday, Seattle Police received a 911 call from a man who stated his juvenile daughter told him someone with a wooden stick was trying to break into their home. 

Police arrived around 11:30 a.m. to the 8400 block of 5th Avenue Southwest, but the juvenile was too afraid to answer the door for officers. While still outside, police heard loud banging noises coming from inside the home. In fear for the life safety of the juvenile, officers breached the front door to make entry and began to search for the 17-year-old female victim and the suspect. 


Truck gets wedged against Fauntleroy Ferry dock toll booth

A large semi truck took too tight a turn at the Fauntleroy Ferry dock on Wednesday afternoon and got wedged up against the toll booth. A ferry worker said they could not just back it since doing so would destroy the side of both the booth and the truck.

That meant one westbound lane to get on the dock was blocked for nearly two hours as they assessed the situation. They attempted to move the truck with the small tow vehicle they use on the dock but it was too heavy. More specialized help was required.

A Class C Tow Truck from was called and three of them showed up.

In the end the middle sized of the three went out in front of the semi and pushed it at an angle to pop it away from the side of the booth. 

No initial damage assessment was available.


Myrol Allen "Pat" Sweeney

Myrol Allen “Pat” Sweeney was born on April 21, 1936. He passed away peacefully surrounded by family and caregivers in Kent on August 15, 2023.

In 1940, Pat and his family migrated to the West Coast from Wisconsin “one state at a time” and eventually settled in Kirkland, WA in 1948. After serving in the US Army from 1954-56, Pat began a partnership to start a newspaper and printshop in Duvall, WA. It was a decision that led Pat to embark on a successful 50-year career in the newspaper and printing industries.

UPDATE: Power out for nearly 3000; Two different outages now resolved

Update: Power has been restored


Original Post 7:18am

Two different power outages affected nearly 3000 West Seattle City Light customers on Wednesday Aug. 23.

The first started at 4:25am affecting 2644 and Ingrid posted on social media "Power line snapped at California and Hudson right outside of my window … two explosions with huge sparks and fire.  Pretty scary.  Fire department is here now shining flashlights on it.   Power line that snapped is on the ground at the bottom of the stairs on the east side of California and the other part is dangling on another power line on the west side of California right in front of my window above Hudson."

Restoration was expected by 1:30pm

The second affected 264 and the cause was not immediately known. It extended from Hill Street SW on the north to over Lander Street SW on the South all west of California Ave. SW. Restoration also expected by 1:30pm