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Mon, 11/21/11

Fall leaves glisten in the sun at Lake Burien School Park with the school’s old arch in the background.


Wed, 11/09/11

In March, 1945, an FM-2 Navy Grumman fighter plane took off from the flight deck of the USS Petrof Bay on a strafing mission of the beaches of Okinawa. Fourteen years later, that same plane landed in a park in White Center, where local kids…MORE

Tue, 11/08/11

By Kregg P.J. Jorgenson

Most martial arts champions enjoy a short stay in the winner’s circle.

Time, tough opponents, and injuries each take their toll, and any time they do have in the limelight is usually hard fought and harder…MORE

Thu, 11/03/11

Whether or not Burien should annex the remainder of unincorporated North Highline, including White Center, has been a hot topic in our area for many months. In October two major stories rocked the discussion:

First, on Oct. 20, a multi-…MORE

Tue, 10/11/11

By Julie Polwarth

They gather on Monday nights, sometimes as many as 12 or as few as three.

They jockey for places around the large dinning room table. All are welcome. There is only one rule-- the newcomer gets to sit next to…MORE

Sat, 08/27/11

Jeff Bridges arrived at SeaTac Airport today, here for his appearance tomorrow night at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery with his band The Abiders.

His new, self titled album Jeff Bridges, came out August 16 so this appearance is in…MORE

Sat, 08/20/11

What do an ex Seattle Sounder, model, Boeing accountant, professional break-dancer, University of Washington student, Seattle University student and University of California – San Diego graduate student all have in common? Apart from not…MORE

Sat, 08/20/11

Car Pros Burien Nissan is celebrating their first birthday by joining the American Cancer Society in "Creating A World With More Birthdays".

On Saturday, Aug. 20, the business will feature a free BBQ lunch at their 5 Corners location in…MORE

Sun, 05/29/11

On Friday night Light Rail users were met with a horde of flesh eating zombies. The same group of people who have orchestrated the world record setting zombie walks in Freemont organized a zombie walk on the light rail system, going from…MORE


Thu, 12/10/09

Architect Roger Patten has a dream – to save Washington and Seattle $1.8 billion.

He said he could accomplish this with a relatively economical, 2.5 mile long “Elliott Bay Bridge” design he created in his Burien home studio.


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