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Mon, 07/02/18

If you would like to obtain some well considered financial advice, contact Sarah Cecil 206-938-6017.


Sun, 06/24/18

The American dream is really the world’s dream. Freedom, opportunity, security, and hope for a good life. That’s the beacon this nation shines. Joel Guerra, born in Honduras, knew what it means from an early age. It was an irresistible call.


Mon, 06/11/18

Editor’s note: This column was written in 2011 by Publisher Emeritus Jerry Robinson.

By Jerry Robinson

Well. i got  a haircut  today.


Tue, 05/29/18

In a nondescript warehouse in South Seattle, across the highway from White Center, a team of artists is hard at work creating unusual installations that pay tribute to the natural world. They are bringing the visions of Seattle artist John Grade to…MORE

Thu, 05/10/18

Looking back on the past 92 years, Burien resident Dr. Alan L. W.


Mon, 05/07/18

By Tim Robinson

         For nearly 40 years Dick Swaab has been going to work each weekday and likely some weekends to make sure the pressure is up and your drinking water is clean and safe.


Fri, 04/13/18

Students at Evergreen High School have had enough--enough pizza and burgers, that is.


Wed, 04/04/18

SeaTac BMX is a ribbon of dirt trail, an undulating, rolling hill, flanked by grass, stretching back towards the woods.


Sat, 03/24/18

By Jess Waylon



Thu, 03/22/18

You would think that their names may have been a tip-off--that when Alvin Springer met Alvina Schlecht more than seven decades ago, they might have thought destiny was at work.

In fact, Alvina did not think twice…MORE

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