May 2021

Hit and run on Alki ends with an arrest and impound

Four females in a black Mercedes Benz convertible were driving on Alki near 61st SW when, they collided with another vehicle. The driver of the car that was hit got out and the driver of the Mercedes took off, speeding through the neighborhood streets. The driver and passenger of the car that was hit were not injured.

damaged audi
The car that was hit suffered rear bumper damage. 


At one point the suspect vehicle headed down Teague SW, a road that has numerous low and high spots and damaged their oil pan, causing the car to leave a trail on the road. They took a left on to 58th and then drove up adjacent to the Alki Community Center where the driver and passengers got out and fled north. 


5th Annual Chief Sealth High School ALL CLASS Reunion July 17

Save the date for the 5th Annual Chief Sealth High School All-Class Reunion!!

This event is open to all Chief Sealth alumni and their families. Come and reunite with old classmate and make connections with those you haven’t met before. Please pass the invitation along to any alumni you know - the more the merrier! 

Food will be available from Dante's Inferno Dogs for $20 per person which includes a gourmet hot dog or burger, chips, and a drink. You purchase a $20 ticket, cash only please, at registration for your food. The ticket is used at Dante's Inferno Dogs cart to get your food.

Dig out your yearbooks (bring if you want) and stroll down memory lane with former classmates. Get caught up and have some fun in the sun at Lincoln Park. on the water at Park Shelter 03 and nearby picnic tables(at the south end of the park). Bring some sunscreen and a smile! See you there and make some new friends and memories!


2021 White Center Refresh/Spring Clean report

May 21, 22, 28, and 29, 2021

By Mark Ufkes

The White Center Community Development Association (White Center CDA) Executive Director Sili Savusa wants to thank everyone for helping with the 2021 White Center Refresh/Spring Clean during the past two weekends.  Our community of volunteers commented over and over again to our organizing staff how much they love being part of White Center and are proud to live here.  This year’s White Center Refresh/Spring Clean resulted in;



Zach Broten's journey included a near death detour and a vision made real

For Zach Broten it was always about his body.

From the age of 10, he would look up to his older brother and father and marvel at their physiques. Then he would mimic them in the garage with weights, his adolescent arms struggling at first then quickly developing. Soon enough he was stronger than most other boys his age. He took up Karate too so he was more than just strong, he was skilled.

His brother would get into fights and taunt his opponent by saying "Your so weak my little brother could beat you up," and sure enough, drawn into the fight, Zach would pummel them into submission. "I just loved combat and I was kind of an angry kid." he said.

At first he hid his muscles under loose shirts, just as he hid his fascination with body building magazines, amazed by people like Dorian Yates or Arnold Schwarzenegger. But his primary heroes were Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. Coleman won Mr. Olympia 8 years in a row. Cutler won four years. 


Alki shut down as massive crowds take over the beach; 2 arrested amid multiple fights

A viral invitation via phone app Tik Tok, to gather on Alki Beach on Saturday night had a powerful effect on thousands of people. Meant as a Seattle response to a similar invitation called "Adrian's Challenge" in Huntington Beach California on Friday that resulted in 175 arrests, only 2 arrests were made here. Multiple fights were reported as the beach was filled beyond capacity and even a heavy police presence with dozens of patrol vehicles  could not control the crowd.

The beach was shut down by Seattle Parks at 9:30pm, as traffic was diverted by police posted at multiple locations. That essentially meant that those on foot, were on their own as police were vastly outnumbered. The crowd continued to mob the beach for at least two hours past the cutoff point but eventually thinned out as they filtered out of the area.


Kennedy High School Class of 1971 50 year reunion set for Sept 15

The years 1967-1971 were transformative years in this country. The times they were a changing. The Vietnam war protests, civil rights marches, the Chicago Seven, the first Earth Day, and the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. We also witnessed the moon landing, Woodstock, the first black woman elected to Congress (Shirley Chisholm), and the NY Jets winning the Super Bowl. As the Buffalo Springfield sang “Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear”. What we do know is that it was a very interesting era.


J & J Public House is back and under new management on Alki Beach

Southern Soul Food Cuisine plus live music, comedy, themed brunches and more are planned

J & J Public House at 2808 Alki Ave SW held a soft open event on May 28 with a tasting menu but will open in earnest next week. The new owner Jisun Jackson explained "We are going to ease into it so open only Wednesday and Thursday for the first month, from 3pm to 10pm, 3pm to 11pm Fridays and Saturdays we will open at 9am for brunch, close at 11 and Sundays open at 9am and close at 10pm." By July they plan to be open every day.

The food is "southern soul food cuisine" meaning a mixture of Chicago and New Orleans soul food like Lobster Mac n' Cheese, Seafood Po Boy, Shrimp and Grits, Mahi Mahi tacos, Short Ribs, Crab cakes, Southern Style Fried Chicken, and more. 


The lemurs at the Woodland Park Zoo now have names

information from Woodland Park Zoo

This week, Woodland Park Zoo invited fans and the community to vote on a name for one of its three baby lemurs. And the top vote getter is….Lanitra! Pronounced law-NEE-truh, the name means “sky” in Malagasy, a tribute to the island country of Madagascar where red ruffed lemurs are from.
The other choices in the naming poll were: