May 2023

Pat's View: We need to remake the information story about Police

By Patrick Robinson

What is your impression of police officers? If we took a poll in Seattle and across the nation, how would people say they feel about them? Pew Research did just that. Though the research is now seven years old, it points to a very simple truth. The police don’t see themselves as the public does.

Only 8% of officers say they see themselves as enforcers – yet fully three times the share of the public or 29% see their local police that way.

People at large form their views about the police from 

1. TV shows and movies  

2. The news (which includes social media for many)

3. Personal interaction

The police form their views about their profession from


Want to run the West Seattle Artwalk? Here's your chance

The West Seattle Art Walk to be spun off as a stand alone non-profit is seeking a new Executive Director according to Jill Maio with the West Seattle Junction Association. The monthly event is held every second Thursday and has grown outside the confines of the Junction where it began. The job is volunteer based for now but with the proper funding provided by sponsorships and grants should grow into a paid, part time position.


One dead, two remain in critical condition after shooting at Roxy's Casino Saturday night

According to the King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO), at around 10:48 p.m. a male person entered Roxy's Casino in 2800 block of SW Roxbury Street, and began shooting.

One person was shot in the head and died and the other two, both employees, remain in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center. The victims were two men and a woman.

King County Sheriff's deputies from areas well beyond the immediate area responded including from Metro, and Sound Transit.

The suspect remains at large.


You will believe in butterfly magic at the Woodland Park Zoo

Molbak's butterfly garden now open through Labor Day; New species constantly refreshed in sanctuary for "flying flowers"

Butterflies are back! Don't miss Molbak's Butterfly Garden at Woodland Park Zoo when it reopens for the season Friday, May 27 through Labor Day.

Woodland Park Zoo is once again be fluttering with hundreds of butterflies in Molbak’s Butterfly Garden. 

A Malachite butterfly rests on a leaf. Photo by Patrick Robinson

Molbak’s Butterfly Garden offers a magical experience where guests can experience the wondrous world of “flying flowers” while strolling inside an enclosed space teeming with colorful and aromatic blooming flowers. Here, guests can learn about the life cycle of these important pollinators while watching new butterflies emerge from chrysalises before flying freely in the garden. 



Jon-Paul Sletten


Jon-Paul ("Jon") ("JP") Sletten passed away peacefully and unexpectedly in the early morning hours of April 27, 2023. He was 53 years old at the time of his death - gone from this world too soon for all who knew and loved him.