May 2023

Alki Elementary School meeting shares new information and exposes anger

The public meeting regarding plans for the makeover of the Alki Elementary School held at the school May 22 shared some new information and showed just how much anger still bubbles in the neighborhood about the district's plans. The meeting was a formality in any case since the plans to move ahead are already in motion.

inside the meeting
Tbe meeting was held at Alki Elementary. Photo by Terri Saxlund


The existing school building will be removed and a new school building will be constructed on the same site. The existing gym will not be torn down. It will be modernized. Alki Elementary will move to an interim location during construction. That move is set to start in June or July.


Whisky West break in nets thieves cash

Parked outside Whisky West at 3:36am May 21 in a silver crossover Subraru, two men who clearly knew they were likely on surveillance cameras, emerged wearing masks. 

They walked to the corner of building and noticed an approaching car, They hid behind the wall briefly then came to the front of the restaurant. One kept watch while the other struck the front door glass repeatedly, until it crazed then broke through. Both entered and made their way inside,

They didn't want booze. They were seeking cash and they found it. $2500 was taken. 

Across the street a neighbor had a camera trained on the scene. When the break in took place the police were called but the thieves were in and out quickly in less than five minutes. The police arrived in seven minutes.  A partial plate was noted (573Q)  The neighbor noted the driver was white, dressed in all black clothing. The passenger was black with a grey hat, greenish blue t-shirt.


Chamber of Commerce victorious in softball Battle for West Seattle

West Seattle Junction vs the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce was a fundraiser for White Center Foodbank

The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce and West Seattle Junction came together for charity on Sunday May 21 in the Battle for West Seattle softball game, with the Chamber taking the trophy in a closely fought contest 13 - 11.


overhead shot
The teams met to get the game rules laid out by Phil Tavel. Photo by Patrick Robinson


Played in Mel Olson stadium in Steve Cox Park in White Center the event was a fundraiser for the White Center Foodbank.


HERBOLD: West Seattle High School landmark and controls and incentives legislation being weighed

Information from District 1 City Councilmember Lisa Herbold


Next week, the City Council will consider Council Bill 120566, which adopts controls on West Seattle High School, a landmark designated by the Landmarks Board.

This bill was voted out of the Neighborhoods, Education, Civil Rights, and Culture Committee, and will be before the Full Council on Tuesday, May 23rd.

The Landmarks Preservation Board designated this portion of West Seattle High School as a Landmark in 1981. This was the second step in the Landmarks process, after the original nomination.


HERBOLD: Non-Lethal weapons being adopted by SPD

Information from District 1 City Councilmember Lisa Herbold

This week, I joined SPD in their announcement that they were beginning their pilot use of the BolaWrap. Two years ago in April of 2021, I participated with Community Police Commission members, the Office of Police Accountability Director, and the Inspector General, in a demonstration of the BolaWrap.  The BolaWrap differs from the TASER, baton, and pepper spray, in that it does not rely on pain-causing mechanisms for compliance. Instead, it uses a Kevlar rope aimed at the legs or arms of an individual to detain them. This tool is often referred to as “mobile handcuffs.”


New Evergreen High School groundbreaking sees big turnout

Bond passed in 2022 authorizes $140 million out of $518 million total; New school will open in 2025

The official groundbreaking for the complete reconstruction of Evergreen High School saw a very strong turnout of neighbors, construction company workers, Highline Public School officials, alumnae and the public on Friday May 19.

The original school was opened in 1955 and at 68 years was showing its age. It needed to be replaced. The plan from Highline Public Schools was to float a bond levy for $518 million to pay not just for Evergreen's reconstruction but to do much more.

  • Rebuild Tyee High School (in SeaTac)
  • Rebuild Evergreen High School
  • Rebuild Pacific Middle School
  • Repair and improve schools districtwide 

The bond got a 68% yes vote in November of 2022 and the plans were set. The construction cost for Evergreen was capped at $140 million but the actual cost remains to be determined by accepting sub contractor bids.


Aroy Mak Thai celebrates a year in business

When Patty Alcorn, (who despite her American sounding name really is from Kanchanaburi, Thailand) decided to open some kind of restaurant in West Seattle, she didn't know where to go or what to do.

That was more than a year ago.

Her mother had more than 40 years of experience in Thailand with two different cafes. They come from southwestern Thailand where, just as in many countries there are regional differences. She knew she wanted to serve authentic Thai street food. They wanted to create a place called Aroy Mak Thai. In Thai “Aroy” means “delicious” or “tasty.” “Mak” means “very.” You get the idea.

Thai cuisine encompasses dishes from four distinct regions: the Central Plains, the North, Northeast and the South. The unifying factor is the way each uses spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavors to create a unique blend.


Alki Ice Cream and Bubble Tea opens on the beach

When Homefront Ice Cream and Smoothies on Alki Ave SW closed last September after 22 years, a lot of people were upset. It seemed as if an injustice was being done. 

Now, the other side of the story is being shared. 

Alki Ice Cream and Bubble Tea is now open at 2611 Alki Ave. managed by Juan Choi.

Choi said that there were some misunderstandings about how the closure happened. He said that the shop had gotten very dirty, and there was a significant water leak that went unreported. "She was also putting extra garbage out on non-collection days which we paid for and we had been extending her lease month to month for a long time. She was late on rent every winter." They gave her notices but to no avail.

It finally reached the point where the owner, Young Kwan, felt he had to make a change.

During the closure they made repairs, repainted, and with the help of Choi, changed the menu to be more beverages than ice cream