July 2021

Pat's View: A urgent call to all those who refuse vaccination and masks

by Patrick Robinson

I really hate wearing a mask. It restricts my breathing. Masks get hot, get dirty, and you can’t even tell if someone is smiling at you (or not). They are a bother to remember, replace and stash or wash.

I cannot believe we are forced to wear them again.

I also truly hate needles. I have a fear of them and have most of my life. I went without quality dentistry for a long time and still, even now, have lingering post traumatic stress from an incident when I was 12 and was being drilled on with no painkiller by a sadistic dentist.

I don’t trust doctors much. They’ve been wrong about my family, friends and me many, many times. Those wrong diagnoses have caused me untold heartache and stress.


Homeless camp removal proposal due up at council committee

information from King County Council

A proposal that would create standards for when and how to remove homeless encampments in unincorporated King County will be up for discussion and potential action Tuesday at the King County Council’s Local Services Committee. The committee will also hear a presentation of County efforts to address homelessness and take public testimony on the homeless camp removal legislation.


Shakespeare in the Park is back! Theater in Normandy Park

The Burien Arts Association and the City of Normandy Park are pleased to present two evenings of Shakespeare plays this summer in collaboration with Greenstage, noted for its summer Shakespeare productions in area parks.

The three plays have the common theme of braving the storm.

Saturday, July 31 @ 7: 00 PM: Backyard Bard, an evening of abbreviated versions of  The Tempest and  Twelfth Night

Saturday, August 7 @ 7:00 PM:  Midsummer Night’s Dream

Click here for more information on the plays.

Where: Marvista Park, 19900 4th Avenue SW, Normandy Park, WA 98166. There are restrooms, ample parking, and a very nice children’s play area. Bring a picnic, blankets, and chairs.

Rising out of the ashes, Rat City Tat 2 is back

By Ruby Tuesday Romero

I started with nothing and still have most of it left. 

Echoes of those words remain in the charred beams and trashed floor of the shop located at 9617B 16th Ave S. RatCity Tat2 was between the Lumber Yard Bar- their door now reads ARSON in bold red font- and the Boxing Gym, who’s sporting a ‘we are still in business’ sign.