July 2022

SDOT stops illegal tree cutting; Only one of three large cedars still stand

By Kersti E. Muul and Sandy Shettler

On Saturday morning, a homeowner at 39th SW and SW Webster attempting to remove large trees on their own was forced to stop work by an Arboriculturalist from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).

Only one of the original three large Sawara cedars on the property survived, though it was damaged. The illegal cutting was reported to urban conservation specialist Kersti Muul by a concerned neighbor late on Friday night.


after the cut
After the cut. Photo by Kersti E. Muul


Here is her report of the events:


Pat's View: What does hate accomplish?

By Patrick Robinson

We live in a world of nearly instant amplification now. It was not always this way.

The speed of communications and the breakdown of both social norms and barriers have

contributed to this. The competition for attention has never been greater. That leads people, news organizations, and special interest groups to use tools that get as much attention as possible. They pursue what works.

What works more often than not is the manipulative power of hate. It works because it stirs up a strong emotional response, and produces adrenaline and cortisol, as part of the fight or flight mechanism in our sympathetic nervous system. The flip side of that is our parasympathetic nervous system, sometimes referred to as the “rest and digest” state.


Sound Transit Board confirms preferred alternative for West Seattle Link Extension; Avalon station may be eliminated

Identification of Ballard Link Extension preferred alternative deferred to early 2023 pending further studies and community engagement

Information from Sound Transit

The Sound Transit Board today identified preferred light rail route and station locations for the West Seattle Link Extension and directed staff to conduct further studies and community engagement, primarily on the Ballard Link Extension.


Water taxi adds sailing to help Vashon commuters after ferry accident

First Departure From Downtown to Vashon tonight will be 3:30 p.m.

The accident involving the Cathlamet ferry, hitting the dolphin barrier at the Fauntleroy Ferry dock Thursday morning means commuting to and from Vashon is now much more time consuming. People must drive south through Tacoma to then face traffic on I-5 or take the foot ferry to downtown. King County is working to assist commuters and shared this announcement.

Information from King County

After this morning’s incident at the Fauntleroy Dock limiting ferry service, King County Executive Dow Constantine directed King County Metro to support commuters and residents getting to and from Vashon Island with an additional round trip sailing of the King County Water Taxi.