August 2022

Seattle Public Schools Teachers strike vote looming; Both sides state their case

The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) are facing a strike authorization vote by the 6000 teachers represented by the Seattle Education Association with pay, special education and the pandemic as part of the mix of issues. The current contract expires today Aug. 31.

A strike in 2018 was narrowly avoided when the two sides reached an agreement. That disagreement was primarily over pay.

SPS issued a statement yesterday regarding the impending strike:

From Beverly Redmond, Assistant Superintendent for Public Affairs


Work platforms removed from the West Seattle Bridge

by Ethan Bancroft SDOT

Over the weekend, West Seattle Bridge construction crews removed the final two hanging work platforms that were attached to the bridge for repair access. Removing the work platforms signals repair work is nearing completion as we prepare to reopen the bridge on Sunday, September 18.

The work platforms were lifted into place in January 2022. The platforms gave workers safe access to the underside of the bridge in order to inject epoxy filling into exterior cracks and then apply carbon-fiber wrapping. We completed this work last week, and the work platforms are no longer needed.   


Hey Wildcats! Time to help West Seattle Football raise some funds

The West Seattle Wildcats are asking for your help. As the cost of high school athletics has escalated the ability of Seattle Public Schools to keep pace has fallen behind. The team needs equipment and materials to truly field a robust and well supported effort and even a small donation will go a long way to help them reach their goal.


The choices range from a simple supporter donation of $35 and then in increments up to Legendary status with a $1000 donation. If you have played football, have someone in your family who has or just enjoy the sport you know it can be a strong character builder. If you can donate, that's good, but otherwise please pass this notice along to others who might be interested.



Officer involved collision ends with a DUI

#2022-228922/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-28-2022 at 8:49pm, an officer was involved in a collision during routine driving in the area of 35 AVE SW/SW Findlay ST when a single-occupant vehicle traveling in the opposing lane crossed the centerline and struck the officer’s car.

The patrol car was disabled, and the other driver was processed for DUI.

The officer had transient pain to left shoulder. No other injuries were reported.


New bike lane connects Delridge Way and Avalon Way along Andover Street


SDOT has created more space for people to safely bike between existing protected bike lanes on SW Avalon Way and SW Andover Street. This project connects the neighborhoods near Delridge Way SW.

The area was the scene of a homeless encampment where several violent crimes were reported in the last few months. Now that area has been cleared. After it was cleared and volunteers did a full litter sweep of the area, a business voluntarily placed "eco-blocks" (cement blocks with handles) in the space to prevent RV parking.


White Center Block Party was raucous, wrestling, community fun

Back for it's second year the White Center Block Party, originally intended to be a fundraiser for the community, was bigger, bawdier, bolder and badder than before. 

This time around there was less focus on lifting up the local businesses who had been devastated by a series of fires and more of a pure party, and emphasis on fun. 

The loudest example of that was the outdoor wrestling ring presented by the Lariat Bar and featuring Defy Wrestling performers whose athleticism and showmanship was on full display to the delight of the crowd.
To learn more visit Photo by Patrick Robinson



West Seattle Nursery's owner Marcia Bruno celebrated by her staff

21 years ago Marcia Bruno took a job doing displays at West Seattle Nursery, "just to get out of the house" since she had two young children at the time. The founder, Mark Smith, who retired three years ago, must have seen something in her because upon his retirement she took over. On Sunday Aug. 28 her ownership of the business was announced at an open house. Both the announcement and the well known open house events were delayed by the pandemic. 

The vision for and construction of the greenhouse styled gift shop next to the Nursery (which was once a Herfy's and later a MealMakers restaurant) was led by Bruno. 

Bruno spoke to the people gathered and said of Smith, "He always knew I had the confidence to make something happen when he wasn't sure it could."

She was surprised by her staff with an engraved wooden plaque proclaiming her ownership status.


How do you define a good guy? Ask Tom Matthews

Beloved courtesy clerk at West Seattle Thriftway departing after 30 years

When you ask Tom Matthews co-workers at West Seattle Thriftway about him they all use the same word. "Awesome."

But that feeling about him is not just what they think, it's the same response you will get if you ask any of the lives he's touched in the West Seattle Community for the past thirty years.

But now Tom is leaving and moving to Palm Desert, California to live with his mother. 

The store made the announcement on social media:

"It is with a mix of joy and sadness we are announcing that Tom, after over 30 years with us at West Seattle Thriftway, is retiring.