Fri, 12/08/17

By Teanna Gentry


Thu, 12/07/17

By Tamara Gillest

Last month, I talked about how to use a mindful practice to manage stress and emotional imbalance.   I discussed how using the breath to unwind can help build emotional resilience and how it can…MORE

Mon, 11/20/17

by Emily Laguzza


Welcome again to Massage 101. As the title suggests today I will be discussing the meaning behind Deep Tissue Massage and its common misconceptions.


Tue, 10/31/17


By Emily Laguzza


Welcome back everyone. Today I am going to talk about a massage technique perhaps even more misunderstood then Deep Tissue (for my discussion on Deep Tissue check out last…MORE

Mon, 10/30/17

Last month, I talked about Buteyko breathing and how breathing “light” can transform your health. Breathing light can not only transform your tissues, but also your mind and the way you react to stress.


Mon, 10/16/17

By Katy G. Wilkens, MS, RD

I showed my friend a picture of me with the 5-gallon bucket of tomatoes I picked from my garden this weekend. “Oh, my! What can you do with that many tomatoes?” she asked.…MORE

Thu, 10/12/17

Information from the American Lung Association in Washington

Is the Air You’re Breathing Safe?


Wed, 09/27/17

By Tamara Gillest

Last month, I talked about energetic balance and managing your gas pedal.  That set the foundation for understanding your breathing pattern and using it to manage your nervous system and transform…MORE

Mon, 08/28/17


By Katy G. Wilkens, MS, RD

My garden is growing bouquets. Not flowers, but bouquets of broccoli and cauliflower. These edible flower buds are full of vitamins, fiber and flavor. 


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