Fri, 08/04/17

Acclaimed West Seattle restaurant Blackboard Bistro at 3247 California Ave SW. will serve its last meal on Aug. 19. Citing "circumstances at home" owner Jacob Weigner posted the news on Facebook:


Mon, 07/24/17


By Katy Wilkens, MS, RD 

I picked a bouquet from my garden the other morning. It wasn't the kind you put in a vase. It was the kind you put on your plate - a salad plate, to be exact.


Mon, 07/17/17

Li’l Woody’s, Seattle’s independent burger joint, will open their 4th location on Wednesday, July 19.  The newest addition to the family can be found at 9807 16th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98106.  


Mon, 06/19/17

By Katy G. Wilkens

Breakfast in a jar, tasty wherever you go

It seems I am always late getting off to work. I walk through my garden on all but the rainiest days, and I can get sidetracked picking rhubarb, snacking on blueberries or…MORE

Sat, 06/10/17


There’s something surprisingly – and refreshingly – humble about chef Cameron Hanin.


Wed, 05/10/17

By Lindsay Peyton

Burien chef Tony Hayes doesn’t like to call the diners at his restaurant Classic Eats “customers.”

“I call them ‘my guests,’” he said. “This is my house, and they’re guests in my house. I want them to be…MORE

Fri, 05/05/17

By Chef Jeremy MacLachlan

I never REALLY knew what true unconditional love was until I had my own kids. In writing this blog I reminisce about all the times I screwed up, said something wrong or wasn't on my best behavior but my mom was…MORE

Sat, 04/29/17

By Chef Jeremy McLachlan

The best thing in the world is the egg. They are cheap, nutritious and you can cook them many different ways. Kathy has the nutrition in her blog The Unscrambling Of Eggs and I get to tell you all the ways to cook…MORE

Mon, 04/24/17

By Lindsay Peyton

Frank Ricci grew up in the restaurant business. Cooking is in his blood – and he can’t imagine doing anything else.

Ricci’s earliest memories are of hanging out in his family’s business, Angelo’s of Burien.


Fri, 04/21/17

By Lindsay Peyton

Soccer players rarely stand still on the field. They bob and buzz back and forth, traversing the green in constant motion, anticipating the next move of the soccer ball.

Similarly, chef Michael Vujovich spins…MORE

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